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Thursday, August 9, 2012

B"H New Nanach fliers

B"H Doctor Gevald's Nanach mobile is now in Brooklyn.

Yesterday saw the publication of 400 Nanach fliers/booklets. The flier is 7 pages (both sides = 14), and has pages full of awesome quotations and teachings of Rabbainu, and a little info about Nanach. It also has a copy of the Petek and R' Moshes Haskuma and a picture of Saba.

B"H the cost was 42 cents each - reasonable for this part of the world, although in Israel this would be considered robbery.... Being that even one quote from Rabbainu is priceless it was definitely a steal of deal, B"H.

B"H the flier is available at and you can download the flier right here:

Even as the copies were pouring out I detected a typo, so B"H there's going to be corrections coming. All comments, criticisms, critiques, additions, are welcome.


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