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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

BH the Nanach mobile is now in Philadelphia!

B"H some amazing awesome hafatza went down here - also on the way Cherry Hill received some attention, and a the mobile was stopped by a policeman who after screaming a bit and looking over the documentation decided to let it go - miracle of miracles! - there's much more to the story but that's the bottom line. You see, it was hard enough of a decision to go to Phily, and when I was stopped I was thinking that's it, I'll just go back... Then I strengthened myself with Nanach - that everything H"Y does is mamash the best possible thing that could happen, and that obviously it was very important for to bring the Petek to Phily, even just one Petek (B"H they got a lot more than that...), so after coming to that conclusion, the cop returned all the documents and screamed a little (the problem was that I was trying to pass a slow moving car, and everytime I would make the attempt in coming cars would approach to rapidly forcing me to return behind the slow vehicle, the policeman said that I had to remain in the lane at a distance and only leave it once to pass...) and let me go - just like that - he said "anyways you're not going to be here...." - since when did that stop them???. B"H. There's more to the story, before I went I asked my good friend Feivel Okowita of Dallas what he thought of my going, and he told me that it's a very scenic route restful and peaceful for the soul, and I replied that I didn't need that for B"H my soul was at peace, and so on this peaceful stretch HY brought this conversation to fruition.

Here in Phily I gave the Story Tales to some conservative synagogues, spoke to some of their members - and gave out some of the fliers. Also the Community Kollel got some attention, and I even visited the infamous Phily Yeshiva where some of the boys were brave enough to come out and speak to me and get some Nanach stuff, and then I was conversing with some of the boy via an open window, and a rabbi came and made them shut the window, and then told me to leave and that I had no permission to park in their private parking lot, and kicked me out, B"H.

BH there is a men's mikva here and I was michaven (concentrated/meditated) under the water - Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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