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Thursday, August 16, 2012


B"H just returning now from a little Nanach get together with Moshe F. and Micha, we went to check out the new Nanach shteibel in Boro Park, but Lipa didn't want to show, so Moshe F did a little homework on his phone and found out that - maybe Lipa had owned the Shteibel at one point of time, but now it was requisitioned by the city, with orders to vacate!

So there is still no Nanach shteibel in Boro Park, and our friend Lipa is in need of a healthy dose of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman - the videos are still gevald, and like Rabbainu says about shiduchim, that just the suggestion is an ideational of the zivug - union - so here too, there was definitely a huge tikun accomplished with the little flare of the prospect of have a Nanach Shtiebel there, B"H.


Moshe Kalonymys F. said...

Chaver sheli, you are a tzadik for leaving out details.
However, the subterranean visit to the overheated, filthy, food strewn, vermin infested room to be insulted cannot be left out. B'ezras H' yisburach it should be a tikun for our neshamos, and all klal yisroel.
If I have nightmares from this most unusual occurence, which is more likely than not, they should also be a tikun. H' yerachim.
Moshe Kalonymys F.

NaaNaach said...

HH -- B"H only fond memories of this adventure, NNNNM!