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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Was that me?

Sin is very humiliating (see the commentaries on Likutay Moharan Torah 6). After a person sins G"F he/she falls into a rut, where he revels in the aura of the sin with fallen spirit not ready to repent. This is also a facit of arrogance, thinking of himself as being above sin, and that due to his prestige and importance his transgression is so fatal that he is barred from repentence. This is the evil inclination at its best working to wreak maximum havoc in his brain. Confronting one's sins, one must bear the humiliation with silence and humility, this in effect slaughters the evil inclination and is the first step of the infinite process of repentence which is the infinite delight of the future worlds.

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Unknown said...

Do you think it's possibile this is what happened with Saba on the 17th of Tammuz?

By the way, I have changed the direction I was going on

I would greatly appreciate any input people could give on the last 2 posts - especially the last one which seems to me to be the very "key" to understanding Nanach.