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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Laughing and screaming

HH. Saba was once with a big chevra and he was laughing and laughing, in the midst of this he appeared to drop something and crawled under the table to pick it up. Some friends were anxious to great Saba so they also bent down to go under the table, they saw Saba under the table with his face contorted in a silent scream, apparently the fallen object was just a ruse for him to be able to secretly scream out to HY (this story was told to me by E.C. who provided more details). Shimon Elyashuv told me a similar story with Saba (also much more detailed), someone came to Saba and told him of some type of suffering he was undergoing and Saba was laughing and laughing, however every once in the while he would bend over - and someone detected that when his face was not in the line of view of those before him, it was contorted in a silent scream. S.E. also told me that after Shlomo Carlbach and Saba met in a room where they spoke for some hours, Shlomo Carlbach came out with red eyes, and he said that he never knew anyone like Saba that was able to laugh and cry at the same time.

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