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Friday, July 20, 2012

#148 - Name of the TZADIK

No, not the 148th Post of, but of my blog -  I started it a week ago on the Chag HaPetek, but now it is finished.  I tell it straight out to the world about the truth on Saba and the Petek. I used to write on numerous occasions on, but now I have new material that I never mentioned before.  Examples:  What is the special connection between Elisha HaNovi and Likutei Moharan?
Why is the sole mention of Nosson HaNovi in Tehillim located in Perek 51?  And why in Tikkun 48 of Tikunei Zohar, it mentions the word Shevi'i three times in a row and shortly afterwards mentions Tzadik Shevi'i?  Think it will be quite interesting.   So, to get started, click on

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