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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Go all the way!

Do you ever wonder how come there are so many people who seem to be really searching for the truth, even some of the big tzadikim, and they even make it to Rabbainu in Uman, but they don't make it to Nanach! - This is a concept that Rabbi Nussun discusses in Likutay Halachos (and developed further in my Likutay Nanach).

Amazing as it is, you can see the same concept in Israel - the holiest place in the world - the place where the Temple stood - was conquered by the zionists in 1967, and they weren't interested in keeping it - they gave it to the arabs, keeping only the Western Wall! The "Jewish State" is happy and satisfied with the Western Wall and letting the arabs have the temple mount.

No wonder then to see that people sell out not making it to Nanach!


Anonymous said...

which torah in lekutay halachos ?

NaaNaach said...


sorry, but I don't remember off hand, but I quote it in Likutay Nanach, so you can find it there B"H.