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Friday, June 29, 2012

This weeks Torah Portion - Chukas

Three major Nanach points this week (there are much more but these really stand out very bold), two in the Parsha and one in the haftora. 1. Only when the Tzadik is mentioned can the name of Hashem be mentioned. 2. The generation of Moshe - known as the Generation of Daas (Knowledge for the awesome Divine knowledge they were imbued with) were inclined and even mistakenly equated the Tzadik, Moshe to G-d. 3. The True Tazdik attracts and is surrounded by the lower and lowest echelons of society (see Likutay Nanach - around page 81 - עבודת הנחמנים אות ו.)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

108 parts = NaNach

The latest banishment of the Jews living in Israel (Ulpana -, it has been decreed upon them to cut their houses into 108 = נ נח parts - this is a clear indication that had they publicized the holy awesome name Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman they would have been spared this exile.

May H"Y fill their loss.


BH new Nanach song

This song was actually recorded first with children singing - which I have saved.

צדיק יסוד עולם נ נח נחמ נחמן מאומן

עוללים ויונקים ילדים וזקנים
 שמחים וחוגגים כאשר רבינו מכירים

את השם יתברך מודים ומשבחים,
 הוללים ומפארים נ נח מפרסמים

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Yesterday (or sometime) the Ukrainians dismantled a basta

The basta dismantled stood right near that of the Keren's - and it belonged to one of the MSS.

BH great new Nanach song

BH new Nanach song:

you gotto go to Uman - for RH
don't matter if your a litvak or a 
hippy with dreadlocks, a chosid
in a dynasty feud or a morrocan
with an atitude.
One time in Uman, makes all the difference, one time in Uman and 
you'll be attached to the essence.
Insured and directed, motivated
inspired and educated

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Shalom Bouskila Interviews Simcha Nanach Part 3

Shalom Bouskila interviews Simcha Nanach part 2

Shalom Bouskila Interviews Simcha Nanach

Shalom Bouskila Talk Show THE 5682nd post on - YEAR OF THE PETEK!

Eliyah Chaviv reputedly was the only one with Saba when Saba passed away - the room was overcrowded and everyone was sent out, Eliyahu hid under the bed, and then got out and said Shema....

Go all the way!

Do you ever wonder how come there are so many people who seem to be really searching for the truth, even some of the big tzadikim, and they even make it to Rabbainu in Uman, but they don't make it to Nanach! - This is a concept that Rabbi Nussun discusses in Likutay Halachos (and developed further in my Likutay Nanach).

Amazing as it is, you can see the same concept in Israel - the holiest place in the world - the place where the Temple stood - was conquered by the zionists in 1967, and they weren't interested in keeping it - they gave it to the arabs, keeping only the Western Wall! The "Jewish State" is happy and satisfied with the Western Wall and letting the arabs have the temple mount.

No wonder then to see that people sell out not making it to Nanach!


BH the other day I was at a chasidishe wedding, and the music and atmosphere was kind of lame - although they told me that it was going to get better. So I came to the realization that there are 3 levels in the rejoicing at Jewish weddings. By the regular orthodox Jews there is often great rejoicing and dancing - unfortunately this extra excitement is like the excitement of going to a concert or a ball game (C"V). By chasidim, who B"H have some embarrassment to get excited about such things, they are kind of caught in the middle - they do their best to be excited by the occasion of the marriage but they are limited in how much they excitement they can conjure. By the Nanach,  B"H there is awesome excitement - this is pure holy excitement of the event of two souls binding together to establish a new house in Israel.

How Great is This Beggar?

This has been reworked straight from the Yiddish (lashon Rabeinu) and is zehr shtark!

Seven Beggars, Sixth Day:
On the sixth day they also rejoiced, but they also yearned, "How can the one without hands be brought here?" Meanwhile he comes in and says, “I am here! I have come to you for the wedding.” And he too spoke to them as the others, falling on them, kissing them and saying to them: You think I am crippled in the hands. I am not at all cripple in the hands. I do have power in the hands, only I do not use the power in my hands in this world, for I need the power for something else -- and regarding this I have an approbation from the Watery Castle ("fun das vasirikn shloss"). For, once I was sitting together with some men, and each one was boasting of his power that he had in his hands. One boasted that he had such a strength in his hands, another boasted that he had another strength in his hands, and so each one boasted in the strength that he had in his hands.

[Retrieving Arrows] Namely, one was boasting that he has such a power and strength in his hands, that when he shoots an arrow he can pull it back to him again, for he has such a power in his hands, that although he has already shot the arrow, he can yet turn it around and tow it back to him again. I asked him, “What kind of arrow can you pull back?” For, there are ten kinds of arrows, for there are ten kinds of poison. For when one wants to shoot an arrow, one smears it with a poison. There are ten kinds of poison, and when they soak it in one poison, it injures like so, and when they soak it in another poison it does more damage, and so there are ten kinds of poison, each one worse than the other, that is, more harmful. (And this in itself is ten kinds of arrows, for the arrows are one sort; it is only because of the variety of the poisons that they smear the arrows in, which are ten kinds as mentioned above, that they are called ten kinds of arrows.) So he asked him, “What kind of arrow can you pull back?” In addition he asked him whether before the arrow has struck someone he can pull it back, or whether even after the arrow has already struck someone he could also pull it back. Upon this that person answered: "Even after the arrow has already struck someone, I can still pull it back.” “But still, which sort of arrow can you pull back?” He answered: Why, this-and-this kind I can pull back. I (that is, the one [without hands] who was telling all this) spoke up to him, “You cannot heal the Queen’s Daughter. If you can pull back no more than one kind of arrow, you cannot heal the Queen’s Daughter.”

[Giving by Receiving] One was boasting that he has such power in his hands, that whoever he receives from, he gives to (that is, by his very getting something from someone, he gives to that person), and hence he is a master of charity. And I asked him, “Which kind of charity do you give?” (For, there are ten kinds of charity.) He replied, he gives tithe. I spoke up to him, “If so, you cannot heal the Queen’s Daughter, for you cannot at all come to her place (for, you give only tithe), for you cannot enter into but one wall (in the place where she is dwelling), therefore you cannot come to her place.”

[Conferring Wisdom, and Knowing Pulses] One boasted that he has the following power in his hands: “Inasmuch as there are officials in the world (that is, senior men who are encharged with giving orders over a city, a country, etc.), each one needing wisdom -- I have such a power in my hands, that with my hands I can give him wisdom, by laying my hands on him.” I asked him, “What kind of wisdom can you give with your hands?” For, there are ten measures (kabin) of wisdom (that is, ten varieties of knowledge). He replied: Such-and-such a wisdom I can give. I spoke up to him, “If so, you cannot heal the Queen’s Daughter, for you cannot even know her pulse, for there are ten varieties of pulses, and you cannot know but one pulse, for you can only give one wisdom with your hands.”

[Restraining Wind, and Playing Melodies] One boasted that he has such a power in his hands, when there is a storm wind he can restrain it with his hands; he can grasp the storm wind with his hands to hold it back. And further, with his hands he could make the wind tempered, that it should be the sort needed; measured. I asked him, “Which kind of wind can you grasp with your hands?” -- there are ten varieties of winds. He replied: Such-and-such a wind. I spoke up, "You cannot heal the Queen’s Daughter, for you cannot at all play the melody for her. For there are ten varieties of melody, and the Queen's Daughter's healing is through melody, and you cannot play more than but one melody for her.” They spoke up, “What can you do?” He replied, “I can do what you all cannot do, namely, all the nine parts of each thing that each one boasted of, which you cannot do, I can do. For, there is a story:”

[The Watery Castle] [He tells the story:] For, one time a king desired (lit. cooked himself up about) a Queen’s Daughter, involving himself with executing schemes to capture her, until the thing was attained and he caught her; then she was with him. One time the king dreamed that the Queen's Daughter stood over him and killed him. He awoke sharply (lit. caught himself up), and the dream entered deep in his heart. He called all the dream-interpreters, and they interpreted for him it according to its simple meaning, that the dream would be fulfilled according to its simple meaning, that she would kill him. The king could not give himself any counsel, what to do with her. To kill her — would pain him. To send her away from him — this vexed him severely, for another man would take her, and this vexed him very much, for he had made so much effort for her, and now she would come to another man’s hand. And moreover if he let her go and she came to another man’s hand, then certainly the dream could be fulfilled that she would kill him, since she was by another. To hold her fast by him — he feared because of the dream, lest she kill him. So the king did not know what to do to her. Meanwhile his love for her perished little by little because of the dream (that is, he no longer loved her so much as before) and at each moment the love perished more and more. And likewise by her the love perished more each moment, until it became by her a hatred of him. She fled from him.
The king sent after her to seek her, and they came and told him that she was circling around the Watery Castle. For there is a Watery Castle, and there are ten walls there, one inside the other, and all ten walls are completely of water, and also the ground in the Castle that they walk on is also of water. And likewise the garden, with its trees and their fruits, are entirely of water. As for the beauty of the Castle and the novelty of this Castle, there is no need to discuss, for it is certainly a very wonderful novelty, for the whole Castle is of water. Entering the Castle is certainly impossible, for one would drown, for the whole Castle is entirely of water. Now the Queen’s Daughter, upon fleeing, reached the Castle, and was circling there around the Castle. They told the king that she was circling there around the Castle.
The king and his soldiers went to catch her. When the Queen’s Daughter saw this, she decided she would run into the Castle, for she wanted more to drown in water than that the king should catch her and she be with him; and perhaps she would be saved after all and she could slip into the Watery Castle. When the king saw this, that she was running into the water, he said, “If that is the case, well then...” He ordered to shoot her; if she dies, she dies. They shot her and all the ten types of arrows that are smeared with the ten types of poisons struck her. And she, the Queen's Daughter, ran into the Watery Castle and entered into its interior, passing through all the doors of the watery walls. For there are doors there in the watery walls, so she passed through all the doors of all the ten walls of the Watery Castle, until she entered into the Castle's interior, fell down and remained faint.
And I (that is, the handless one who is telling all this) heal her. For whoever does not have in his hands all the ten varieties of charities cannot enter past all the ten walls of the Watery Castle, for he would be drowned in water. So the king and his soldiers pursued after the Queen's Daughter and were all drowned in water. But I can enter past all the ten walls of the Watery Castle. Now, the walls of water are sea waves standing like a wall. The winds are what erect the waves of the sea and hold the waves up. And these waves, which are what the ten walls are, stand there constantly, but it is the winds that hold the waves and erect the waves. And I can enter past all the ten walls of the Watery Castle, and I can pull out from her (that is, from the Queen’s Daughter) all the ten varieties of arrows. And I know all the ten varieties of pulsebeats through the ten fingers, for through each finger of the ten fingers one can know a particular pulsebeat from the ten varieties of pulsebeats, and I can heal the Queen's Daughter through all the ten varieties of melodies (for her healing is through melodies, as mentioned). Therefore I do, in fact, heal the Queen's Daughter. Hence I have such a power in the hands. Today I give you this very thing as a present. There was an grand celebration there, and they were superbly glad.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Friday, June 22, 2012

BH new song

Monday, June 18, 2012

B"H Nanach in Montreal

B"H great Nanach hafatza going on in Montreal, wish I could tell you more, but I gotto go.

Great blessings of NNNNM!

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Rabbainu Got #5 on Forbes' most influential rabbis!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

B"H new Nanach song - in Hebrew

download link:

B"H the lyrics will be posted on the Hebrew

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Overcoming Obstacles and Suffering with Tefillin

ל"ה - הלכות תפילין ה:יג

(Painting by Rivka Nehorai)

The reason for binding the tefillin shel yad on the left arm is because the left arm is the weak arm - the source of all suffering and obstacles.  The purpose of the tefillin is to counter these obstacles with patience and thereby enable a person to overcome everything.  

Friday, June 8, 2012

Flying through the clouds approaching Toronto - I tribute G-d with all o...

BH. mis-ma-naged; a man who is mis-naged to Nanach.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Na Nach Nachman Meuman - Breslov Be Happy - נ נח נחמ נחמן מאומן

B"H new song

B"H a beautiful new song - אודה השם בכל לבב בסוד ישרים ועדה - I will thank G-d with all of the heart in the secret of the just and assembly. Psalms 111.
Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman - נ נח נחמ נחמן מאומן

Rectifying a Blemish in One's Da'as Through Eating

ל:ה - הלכות נטילת ידים ב:טו

A vessel that once belonged to a non-Jew requires immersion in a mikveh before it is fit for a Jew to prepare food with it.  The akum, which corresponds to secularism and nature, are the basis of tumah.  And, a vessel will not depart from their ownership to Jewish ownership, which is kedusha, until it has been immersed in a mikveh.    The mikveh corresponds to Hashem's providence and da'as, which relates to, "The Earth will be filled with knowledge (דעה) of Hashem as the waters fill the sea." (Isaiah 11:9)  It is imperative that the food a Jew eats has tremendous kedusha.  And, the essence of a food's kedusha is through one's da'as, which reveals Hashem's providence [over the world].

Adam transgressed the prohibition of eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  The Tree of Knowledge corresponds to secular wisdom, which confuses good and evil.  This is the da'as of the Other Side, which by definition is a blemish in Holy da'as.  And, the main aspect of this blemish was through the act of eating.  Now, the rectification of this blemish is specifically through faith, as in, "and cherish faithfulness" (Tehillim 37:3) like the Rebbe explains in Torah 62.  When a Jew does not eat with kedusha he has blemished his da'as, which relates to Hashem's providence, and he falls into the errors of secular wisdom, as is written, "lest you have eaten and will be satisfied and your heart will be lifted up and you will forget Hashem your God, etc.  And you will say in your heart that 'my power and the might of my hand earned this wealth." (Devarim 8)  This refers to when a person relies completely on natural occurrences, Heaven forbid, that is, for his livelihood, his strength, and the might of his own hands.  He never thinks to thank Hashem for any of these things.  This relates to a blemish of the hands - a blemish of the 28 knuckles and joints of the hands, which relate to the 28 letters in the first verse of the account of Creation.  Hashem watches and attends to everything at all times.  He gives strength (כ"ח - 28), literally 28, for Hashem watches and sustains the world through the 28 letters of Creation.  Therefore, every Jew must sanctify his food in holiness.

Kofi the Na Nach Sock Puppet

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Shema Yisroel Nanach!

B"H a great new Nanach song, to download click hear: Hear O Israel Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Great new Nanach song

Great new song the words are from the Holy Zohar - as they are brought down in Likutay Moharan 61, the guitar is being played by a famous jewish guitarist Danny Maimon.

Say Na Nach by Rabbainu, give a penny to charity, and get the full guarantee!

B"H on Shabbos I realized how the Rabbis have prevented us from bringing the world to Rabbainu. If we would really believe in Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman we would make it known and clear to the whole world that all they have to do is come to the holy tomb or Rabbainu and say Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman and give a penny to charity - and with this they will have achieved Rabbainu's guarantee that he will do his utmost to help them and even drag them out of hell. Rabbainu says in Likutay Moharan (II 86) that due to insufficient faith people have to hard devotions, but if a person has complete faith devotion to God doesn't entail any hard work what so ever. In this same vein, only those that don't believe fully in Saba, the Petek, and Nanach, feel incumbent to force others to say the whole tikun Klali, something which is out of the reach of most people, where as if we would tell them that they can get the full tikun by saying Nanach they would be excited tremendously to give it a go.