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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Saba Yisroel - from an ongoing translation

The first fridge that makes ice:

Once, a relative from Paris came. There were Turks, by us there were Turks. So the whole family, she tells my mother, “by us in Paris there is a refrigerator that makes ice, and it is not necessary to buy.” I know? I went to buy ice in the big factory, there were many workers, how is it possible? I asked her, “the factory for the ice is big, and has workers, so how does a small refrigerator make ice?” So she said to me, “don't be amazed, in my house there is such a refrigerator, I have such a refrigerator.” I didn't want to believe. (If they would have told you 70 years ago, that there would be a country with tanks and airplanes, you would tell them that they were crazy?) If they would have told me 70 years ago that Breslov would prevail? After 70 years? So I would have said, “they are crazy! They don't know what they are talking about! How is such a thing possible?!” There was fear to touch a book of Breslov. To touch the table that a Breslov book rested upon, they feared to touch the table, they were very stringent, that they wouldn't - not only did they not want to touch a book, even the table upon which the book rested, he was very stringent. Nu? And now? One can purchase the book of Breslov everywhere, today they buy, they buy thank God. I said, “Good, this is the whole redemption. But how will the redemption come? They don't want to touch a book of Breslov? What will be? What will be?” So now I am alive, and I see that they are all embarrassed. Breslov, the more time transpires, the more important, and more it goes and grows and get bigger, there are publications and purchases.

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