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Monday, May 14, 2012

Saba and his jolly men

One of the people who was Saba for a long time was "Morris" (Moshe) Shushan n"y, Moshe was some sort of Dayan (judge) before coming close to Saba (I don't know exactly). His family resented his going over to Saba. People beat him mercilessly, and one of the chaverim (maybe Aron) suggested to Saba that maybe it this was an indication or incentive for Moshe to return to France and spread Nanach there, Saba agreed, and he is credited with the drawing close and brainwashing of all the early French Nanach (including ambush).

Moshe spent 11 months with Saba in America. Moshe is credited for gaining the meeting of Saba with R' Moshe Feinstein. RMF's son, who was a rosh yeshiva (dean) in his father's yeshiva, did not want to grant Saba the visit, and he told Moshe to stop calling. Moshe asked Saba permission to use some of his own initiative and he continued calling. There's more to the story, sorry I hate to do this to you, but maybe not everything should be printed. Moshe has a lot of stuff like that which he tells chaverim on condition that they are careful who they give it over to. In any event Moshe succeeded in convincing the son to make the meeting, and the son warned them to come on time, which of course they didn't. Saba with Moshe and Sharon T. where ushered into the room with RMF, there were other rabbis sitting, and Saba was quiet. Moshe understood that Saba didn't want them there so he basically kicked them out (there is a detailed recounting of this....). Saba told RMF that they should speak in Hebrew because the people with him didn't understand Yiddish. Moshe said, that if there would be a picture of how RMF bent his head to receive a blessing from Saba, it would be 'bitul habechira' (nullification of free will).

While they were in America, Saba sensed that Morris had gotten a little depressed, Morris denied it saying he was broken hearted (Rabbainu discusses the distinction), but Saba was insistent, and Saba told him that it would do him no good to be depressed, it would not mitigate the judgements, only through happiness. Saba himself, although he was racked with pains and suffering, would always appear to be happy, he could be heard in his room making all types of sounds and laughter in order to induce happiness. On occasion one could catch a glimpse of Saba's face full of pain, but Saba would immediately replace his "face" with a happy countenance, covering up all the agony.

Often Saba appeared to be sleeping, and when the chaverim first hooked up with him, they would "wake" him to inform him of events, but they soon figured out that Saba new exactly what was going on and they were careful not to disturb him, they had trepidation from him. Saba really like Aron Patz OBM, and Aron had the most holy azus (brazeness) to wake Saba or urge Saba to do something. Once Sharon T. was busted when he was trying to get to Uman, being that he was in the army it was forbidden so he was using a fake passport, and was caught. When the chaverim told Saba, he sighed and continued to get ready for bed. Aron Patz told Saba that Saba had to do something, and Saba was like what can I do, but Aron would not have that, and he told Saba that he (a.p.) knew full well that Saba was capable of saving Sharon. Aron took Saba out of bed, put some type of garment or blanket over him, and rushed him to the court hearing. There is a very detailed recounting of the what went down [Sharon had told the judge that Saba was his Rabbi, so the judge asked Saba if Saba was Sharon's Rabbi, and Saba said, no - they were friends], Sharon was looking at a prison sentence of 15 year R"L, and he walked free B"H. Sharon subsequently was zoche to go to Uman.

So Aron Patz OBM would disturb Saba whenever necessary, however it came with a price, when ever he would disturb Saba he found himself confronted with all types of judgements, so he wasn't rash in doing so. He looked for some alternative methods of gaining Saba's awareness, and drawing upon an idea he saw that tzadikim are very sensitive to the mezuza even when they are asleep, he tried covering the mezuza in the room Saba was sleeping - Saba immediately jumped up completely!

Moshe told over how they once took Saba through Mea SheUrim, and Saba....

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