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Friday, May 25, 2012

Receiving the Torah is all about Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman

Our holy sages taught (tractate Shabos 88) that at the giving of the Torah, H"Y held a mountain over the heads of the Children of Israel and told them that if they accepted the Torah all is well, if not "there will be your burial". The commentaries are asking why this coercion was necessary, the verses of the Torah already provided us with Children of Israel accepting very readily all of the Torah. The Or Hachaim says that the Israelites had only accepted the actual word of God that they would hear then, but all the consecutive orders that would be coming through the tzadik, they had not accepted, because this is the acceptance of the infinite.
With this we can understand why H"Y told them "there you will be buried" and not "here you....", because although H"Y was threatening them right then, the actual penalty would be if and when the Israelites would turn away from accepting the Tzadik. This is why the word Petek can be deciphered (in the function of noatrikun, similar to acronym) to mean, "Poh tihiye kivuraschem" - HERE will be your burial. Because the Petek is the actual critical point of determination if the Jews will be loyal to follow the directions of the Tzadik.

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