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Friday, May 25, 2012

A look into the amazing hashgacha of Saba's history

Saba said:

Until I left Karlin, don't ask! When I merited to draw close to Rabbainu, who knows?! Nu, the husks that come first, that I had from Karlin, from this I had confusion, there are admurs that are outside the Holy Land, there weren't admurs in the Land of Israel, so I thought, before the coming of the Messiah, as long as the Messiah has not arrived, then the admurs will be outside of the Holy Land, they cannot come to the Land of Israel, [due to] their holiness. I considered all the admurs holy, but Karlin as holy of holies. But thank G-d, the blessed G-d did miracles for me, that I merited to draw close to Rabbainu, I merited to understand, to see, and to feel what Judaism is, and what Torah is, yes. But I did not have anyone to guide me, I did not have Rabbainu, I did not know about Rabbainu. Afterwards, when I merited to draw close, [but] then what did I know? I knew what I know now? But every piece of knowledge that I merited to feel the truth, I felt this, such truth, there is nothing similar!, until I merited to part with Karlin and all the husks. Yes...

B"H one of the Nanach told me that it is worth it to check out who the admur of Karlin was at that time. So first of all I discovered something amazing, the 2nd admur of Karlin, R' Shlomo was shot by the kozacks on the 17th of Tamuz (1792) and he died six days later on  the 22nd of Tamuz! - This is awesome because Saba stumbled and ate on the 17th of Tamuz and lay as if dead for 6 days when he received the Petek! (In the world of Chasidus it is said that R' Shlomo was a potential of the Messiah of Yosef, which tradition maintains may be killed, and we pray daily for his safety).

Before Saba was born Karlin didn't actually have an admur, because one admur died young leaving a son aged 4, the reigns were given to the son at his bar mitzva, 10th of Kislev 1881. Saba was born in 1888 (if he lived till 106), I think also in Kislev. The admur was called, Rabbi Yisroel HaYenuka (suckling) of Stulin. He died on Rosh Hashana  1922 - right before Saba got the Petek!

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