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Thursday, May 31, 2012

In Uman by Rabbainu

Today the "merkaz" (people who took charge of the tzion) had the ukrainians remove all the Nanach stickers from the tzion (with the exception of a very few that escaped - including one large Ark of Nanach). When they had done most of their destruction, there was a power failure, the city closed down the electricity! So trying to rectify the problem I wrote Nanach in many places in the B"M of the tzion, there were one or two objections, which led to a very ardent singing of Nanach and extremely festive dancing for probably about 20 minutes, but alas it was too late. Right now they are trying to run electricity from across the street.

This action was followed by the wedding of Shimon B.

Great blessings of NNNNM!

1 comment:

nissim said...

Wow milchamat Amalek chazaq uvaruch, kol hakavod