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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The damnation of those who read (not to mention) study science and philosophy

It is well known that Rabbi Nussun was trained by Rabbi Nachman of Breslov to see only the good in his fellow Jews, to judge them favorably, and encourage them. Rabbi Nussun gained recognition for doing this even on people who were actively seeking to kill him! Yet when it comes to Jews studying or even reading science Rabbi Nussun puts down the most harsh and hideous curses and castigation. E.g. see Likutay Tefilos (collection of prayers 36):

יהמו נא מעיך על בניך צאן מרעיתך, ושמר אותנו בעת צרה הזאת בעקבות משיחא, והצל ומלט נפשנו ונפש בנינו ובנותינו שלא נעסק לעולם בשום חכמה חיצונה כלל. ותן לנו כח שנזכה להכניע ולשבר ולבטל ולעקר כל האפיקורסים והכופרים מן העולם. "ימחו מספר חיים ועם צדיקים אל יכתבו". וכל העוסקים בפילוסופיא וחקירות של חכמות החיצוניות, יהיה נמח שמם וזכרם מן העולם. יכרת יהוה לאיש אשר יעסק בחקירותיהם ובדרכיהם ער ועונה. "יהיו בניו יתומים ואשתו אלמנה. יהי אחריתו להכרית בדור אחר ימח שמם. יזכר עון אבותיו אל יהוה וחטאת אמו אל תמח. יהיו נגד יהוה תמיד ויכרת מארץ זכרם" ויתבטלו סברותיהם ודעותיהם מן העולם, ולא יעלו עוד על לב ולא יזכרו עוד בשמם.
May Your innards be aroused on Your children the sheep of Your flock, and protect us in this hard time at the heels of the Messiah, and save and break free our souls and the souls of our sons and daughters (specifically enumerating both male and female children) that we should never be involved with any science what so ever. And give us the strength that we should merit to humble, and to break, and to nullify, and to uproot, all the heretics and apostates from the world. They should be erased from the book of life, and they should not be inscribed with the righteous. And all those who are involved in philosophy (even if it was authored by holy rabbis) and analyzing of science, there names and remembrance should be blotted out from the world. G-d should cut down any person who is involved in their analyzing and their way, to be barren and destroyed. His children should be orphaned and his wife widowed. His end should be cut down, and the next generation as well, their named should be blotted out. Their father's sins should be remembered before God, and his mother's sins should not be erased. They should be before God always, and He should abolish their remembrance from the land. And their logic and opinions should be nullified from the world, and they should never hence arise in people's conscious, and their names should not be remembered.

Rabbi Nussun writes at great length, study and pray his holy words, that help illuminate to us how far we have sunken and been effected by the flood of heresy in our days. We should merit to be influenced only by the holy Torah, and go in the pleasant, luminous, and intelligent ways of the Torah.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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