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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Saba Yisroel - ongooing translation

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A Wagon without horses, the first in the country...

(How was it with the first car that reached Tiberius?) They said: “There came from England such a bus, that runs with such speed! On the mountains and on the hills.” So the whole city came to see this wonder, so they saw that he descended from the steps of the hotel, the owner of the car entered and he began to start it up to go, the wagon without horses, the car. So they heard that he began to go?! So they all said, everyone said, “maybe he will trample us? He will trample us, he goes all over? He will trample us!” There was fear. It doesn't have eyes, what will be? And there was such a fleeing! Everyone fled so that it would not trample him! I was also in the city, in the crowd that came to see the wonder of the car. Because it just began to sing, so they said, now he, he is already going, he already started to go, going! What happened? He is going? He will kill us, there was a fleeing, there was such a fleeing! Such a huge fleeing!

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