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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Remembrance of Aron Patz OBM 30 days after his passing

Today is 30 days since the passing of Aron Patz, last night there was a large event in Machsiya (right near Beit Shemesh) and I estimate that up to 100 Nanach attended (there was also a seperate room for women). No one really wanted to speak, and also in the month of Nissan there are no eulogies. Michael Hazamir said a few words.

We should all learn from Aron who had very strong knowledge and faith in H"Y, to the extent that he new that Nanach could mamash bring redemption, and he never tired of telling people of how we have to start printing millions and billions of Rabbainu's holy books, and especially the holy Petek and the awesome song signature, Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman, and the kumaya (amulet). Aron would tell people straight up, the score the way it is, that the whole redemption is completely contingent on Nanach, and by accepting and promoting Nanach one brings upon himself, his family, friends, neighbors, and the whole world all the blessings of the goodness of H"Y, he saves himself from all hardship and suffering, and merits salvation and everything good.

B"H from now on we will all be stronger in our conviction of this truth and bring hafatza to a new level.

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