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Monday, April 23, 2012

Remembering Yocheved Ravitch OBM

This was written by someone close to her on a facebook group created to help out the family: "Circle of friends of Yocheved"

Ok so perhaps I've never really experienced a real shiva house, but this is something far beyond I could have ever expected. Walking into the Ravitch household one can automatically feel Yocheved's presence so strong. It doesn't feel anything like a foreign presence - it is the same feeling we always got when we went to hang out with the one we love and admire more than anything. It's like a sweet heavenly caress by an Ima who loves you more than anything. On the morning she died, when I heard the news in the car on the way to the hospital, I cried because I thought that meant I could never hold her hand again. Now, the second I walk through the door, she takes me by the hand and sits me down next to her glowing and everlasting sparks: her beautiful children. Each and everyone of them is shining profusely with her light it's almost blinding to be amongst them. They are the pillars of strength that she built them to be, with giant wings so they can fly anywhere they want to. When I sit among them, I feel like that too.

The other night we sat and talked till late hours of the night, and told stories upon stories of the many lifetimes she lived through. We laughed (yes laughed) until tears came to our eyes, and Yocheved (yes Yocheved) sat there amongst us and laughed too. Last night as well, we experienced Hashem's healing energy come down and repair our wounds with love, and Yocheved was there, whispering words of encouragement and forgiveness into our ears. The sense of unity and brother/sisterly love that filled the air was indescribable. There I was, witness to the fulfillment of perhaps a microcosm of Yocheved's last will - that we would all just get together and love each other unconditionally. This was what she spoke about many times before she passed, and this she said, was the last step towards bringing the final redemption. How much she and all of us begged that she would live to be a part of the geulah! And here she is, endowing us with the gifts of both vessel and light, so nothing can stand in our way.

So it's true Yocheved, you did not miss the boat, you are there right now, and you are showing us just a glimpse of how beautiful it really is. So I wanna bless you all and me and the whole world right now, with a taste of the geulah, so Yocheved's legacy will not be forgotten, because a taste like this can last more than a lifetime.

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