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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

No Despair!

  • This is a little piece I posted on facebook which I have been meaning to express for some time, and finally B"H the opportunity presented itself:

    Simcha Hochman
    Before I knew about Nanach I gave up, even now I have given up, when I confront all the desires of my body and the challenge of bringing the whole world to H"Y, I simply give up. Then I hear the call of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman - the call of our holy master Rabbi Nachman from Uman, who says that there is no despair in the world what so ever, and I know that I can rely on Rabbainu, so I say, personally I just can't do it, but if you can, then I'm putting EVERYTHING on you, and in this way I am busy bringing everyone to Rabbainu, because if I can't help them I know that Rabbainu can! So never lose Nanach!
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  • Ben Ehrhardt B"H
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  • Simcha Hochman This is possibly an extension of what Rabbi Nachman said "There is no despair in the world", in the works of Kabala and Hasidus, "no" is a reference to the highest abnegation to H"Y, where He is supreme above any materialism, even of spiritual existence, H"Y is simply "not". So Rabbi Nachman was saying that when one contemplates and confronts H"Y as "no" - then one will for sure despair of himself, his own ego and ability. What a blessing! Thank God for Nanach!

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