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Friday, April 27, 2012

More words from Saba Yisroel - ongoing translation

The Story of the Dog

R. Yisroel alone in the synagogue with a mad dog

H”Y will have compassion on me, what I went through!.... Oy, there was such and such and such and such and more and more, but just this alone?! H”Y took me out of such a place, from a place of death, from such a place! There was no one to attend to me, no one to help me, yes, I was saved. H”Y saved me, yes. This is impossible for the brain to fathom, I am unable to tell over everything, that's the way it was.

And the yeshiva?.... I had a nice handwriting, and they needed to send letters for revenue, that they should support the yeshiva. So they asked me to write, nu? To write! But at night I sat in the synagogue, and I sat in great anguish. I already gave to H”Y the days of my life, and I go out and write in order to earn money? To earn an income? I sat and wrote, suddenly in the middle of writing, such a mad dog came in, with rabies, that was salivating at the mouth, and its eyes were very frightening, and it was running, running inside the synagogue, entering and exciting, entering and exciting, it was mamash frightening. And after this? I sit and I see such a thing! I see that this mad dog, it has rabies, yes. What is there to do? So there was next to me, next to me there was a closet of books, I took out the books and I entered the closet, and it was very small, it was. In any event I entered the closet and the dog came to the closet and fought with me, it wanted to open and held on that it should not be able to open, that it should not know to open, yes.

I saw more wondrous things! I was here, and the dog was here, so it wanted to bite, and here was the tomb of Rabbi Meir Baal Hanais. The dog came from here, and entered through the door, and wanted to come to me to bite me, and I saw as if they didn't allow him, they didn't let the dog come to me! Yes, that's what happened! Afterwards it wanted to come, and it was as if someone was not allowing it. The taste that I had (the reason this had occurred to me), this was to me because I made a vow not to work and I do not heed it, and I was writing, yes, yes, yes. For money I write?! The dog stood there next to me! It looked at me and I looked at it, but it was not able to come to me. Suddenly it was running. It began to run outside, and it left the synagogue. But I was scared lest it come. I was able to close the doors, G-d saved me from the dog! Also, this was also, the same thing as the desert that I remained that way... I am in the synagogue together with a mad dog and it can... it could bite.

(What happened to the dog?) I screamed to friends above, “open the the door so that I can get there! To be in a safe place!” When I reach a safe place, to the top floor, to the rooms, where we slept, then it can not fight with me any longer! So they opened the door, it was an iron door, so they opened it and I ran quickly, so that it would not be able to bite me, and I managed to reach (past) the dog! And they, the friends, afterwards, opened the door a little, in order that it should be able to insert just its head. So it inserted just its head, it didn't have a choice, and they closed the door on its head, and that was it, case closed, the dog was dead! The dog was dead! There is no dog! So/then I said, (already) I will no longer write letters, to bring on a mad dog. If I write, then a mad dog will come, I don't want that it should come, so I will not write any more!!”

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