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Sunday, April 29, 2012

More Sefer Hamidos on Shmiras Habris

Kishuf Causes Niuf
Immorality comes through making use of impure names and witchcraft.
(Sefer Hamidos, Niuf 38)

Relationship With Non Jewish Woman Sends All Shefa to Sitra Acher
A person that has a relationship with a non Jewish woman, gives over all his substance to the Other Side.
(Sefer Hamidos, Niuf 39)

Niuf Causes Forgetfulness
Through immorality comes forgetfulness.
(Sefer Hamidos, Niuf 40)

Bring Others to Teshuva is a Tikkun for Zera Levatala
A rectification for spilling seed in vain is to make an effort to cause other people to repent.
(Sefer Hamidos, Niuf 41)

Shmiras Habirs is an Alternative for Zechus Avos
A person that guards the Bris, even though he does not have any merit from his forefathers, Hashem creates merit for him.
(Sefer Hamidos, Niuf 42)

Lack of Emunah Causes Hirhuray Niuf
Through the lack of faith comes immoral thoughts.
(Sefer Hamidos, Niuf 43)

Niuf and Kishuf Cause Tzadik to Pass Away
Due to the sins of immorality and witchcraft the Tzadik passes away.
(Sefer Hamidos, Niuf 44)

Children of Noafim Will Need Kishuf
Children of perverts will need to make use of witchcraft.
(Sefer Hamidos, Niuf 45)

Children Born From Witchcraft Will Be Noafim.
Children that are born as a result of witchcraft will be perverts.
(Sefer Hamidos, Niuf 46)

Most Noafim Oppose the Tzadikim
In general most perverts are opponents of the righteous.
(Sefer Hamidos, Niuf 47)

Zera Livatala Equals Sacrificing Children to Avodah Zara
A person that spills seed in vain, it is as if he brought his children as a sacrifice to a strange deity, he also gets sentenced with the punishment of stoning (Skilah).
(Sefer Hamidos, Niuf 48)

Niuf Causes Memory Loss
Through immorality comes loss of memory.
(Sefer Hamidos, Niuf 49)

Niuf Causes Brazenness

Through immorality a person looses his sensitivity of embarrassment.
(Sefer Hamidos, Niuf 50)

Overeating Causes Niuf

Through overeating a person comes to immorality
(Sefer Hamidos, Niuf 51)

Difficult to Regret Pgam Habris
When a person commits a sin, he later regrets it since the holy spark is still in him. However when a person is Pogem the Bris he does not regret it afterwards since the holy spark has already left him.
(Sefer Hamidos, Niuf 52)

Shmiras Habris Brings Memory
A person that does not desecrate his Bris, through this he has good memory.
(Sefer Hamidos, Niuf 53)

Shvuas Sheker Causes Hirhury Niuf
Immoral thoughts are caused by swearing false oaths.
(Sefer Hamidos, Niuf 54)

A Guarantor for a Rasha Becomes a Noef
Someone who serves as a guarantor for a wicked person ends up becoming a pervert.
(Sefer Hamidos, Niuf 55)

Spilling Seed Causes Poverty
A person that spills his seed causes there will remain no money in his pockets.
(Sefer Hamidos, Niuf 56)

Adultery Causes Genocide
Through adultery comes killings.
(Sefer Hamidos, Niuf 57)

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