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Monday, April 23, 2012

From an ongoing translation of Saba

She did for me many righteousness without measure.

Why don't you come to me? There is made great delight (Above, from this...) he rectifies he make new, Rabbainu Hakadosh, there will all the healing and salvation for every one! That he should speak before H”Y before the tzadik. He gives us rectification for everything, for all the days of our life, for us, and for our children, and for every person.... What I have to say, I am not able... and also one needs to buy Likutya Tefilos (Collection of Prayers), and also Likutay Halachos (Collection of Laws), Likutay Eitzos (Collection of Advice/Remedies), and Meshivas Nefesh (Restoration of the Soul), “Hishtapchus Hanefesh (Outpouring of the Soul), that Rabbainu revealed, they are rectifications and salvation for everyone, however he is, whatever transpired over him.... The rabbis, they are worthless! Not worth anything! The main thing is Rabbainu, he is the foundation of everything, of the Torah, of the prayer, of everything! Of all the rectifications! Ah! When I was young I spoke a lot about Rabbainu with the people, and thank God there were many people who truly returned in repentance, and also now I do all that is possible. The main root and the rectification of all of Israel, of each and evey one, and he heals and strengthens and enlivens us, beyond description unfathomable. (here Saba speaks to someone in Yiddish: From where did we meet?...You did such good deeds... (I) remember this... You should have much nachas from your children, yes yes... Jewish nachas (who's this?)) from Bnei Brak, this is the woman, she did for me many charities without measure, she came early in the morning and brought me food, and more and more and more, what she did! She searched a lot until she found me, she brought me food every day, on Shabbos (good?) yes! Thank G-d. She has many grandchildren studying Torah, yes, yes, attending Yeshivas and serving Hashem (this is in the merit of the charity which she did?) Huh? Nu, certainly certainly, charity is something....

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