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Monday, April 30, 2012

Saba Yisroel - ongoing translation

The first telephone in Tiberius

And also I saw, the first time, a crazy person, a crazy English man! I went to yeshiva, and below, at the ascent to the tomb of Rabbi Meir Baal Hanais there was a restaurant of the hot springs of Tiberius, and there, there was an office of the English, when they arrived and conquered Tiberius, their office was the over there. So I am going to yeshiva and I see the office of one crazy English man, he holds a piece of iron near his ear. He speaks? He laughs? What is is this? He is crazy? With whom is he speaking? He speaks, he laughs like a small child! I said, “He is so crazy? There is no one his match!” I heard that there was the telegraph, but I didn't know that there was a telephone?! So he held the iron, he speaks to it and laughs, and laughs. What? This, this guy is crazy? With whom is he speaking? There is no one!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mazal Tov to the Zupnicks on the birth of a son (after a bunch of girls)

B"H the Bris will take place in Tsfas on Tuesday, I think in the Sfardi Ari shul which overlooks the cemetery, BT"U.

More Sefer Hamidos on Shmiras Habris

Kishuf Causes Niuf
Immorality comes through making use of impure names and witchcraft.
(Sefer Hamidos, Niuf 38)

Relationship With Non Jewish Woman Sends All Shefa to Sitra Acher
A person that has a relationship with a non Jewish woman, gives over all his substance to the Other Side.
(Sefer Hamidos, Niuf 39)

Niuf Causes Forgetfulness
Through immorality comes forgetfulness.
(Sefer Hamidos, Niuf 40)

Bring Others to Teshuva is a Tikkun for Zera Levatala
A rectification for spilling seed in vain is to make an effort to cause other people to repent.
(Sefer Hamidos, Niuf 41)

Shmiras Habirs is an Alternative for Zechus Avos
A person that guards the Bris, even though he does not have any merit from his forefathers, Hashem creates merit for him.
(Sefer Hamidos, Niuf 42)

Lack of Emunah Causes Hirhuray Niuf
Through the lack of faith comes immoral thoughts.
(Sefer Hamidos, Niuf 43)

Niuf and Kishuf Cause Tzadik to Pass Away
Due to the sins of immorality and witchcraft the Tzadik passes away.
(Sefer Hamidos, Niuf 44)

Children of Noafim Will Need Kishuf
Children of perverts will need to make use of witchcraft.
(Sefer Hamidos, Niuf 45)

Children Born From Witchcraft Will Be Noafim.
Children that are born as a result of witchcraft will be perverts.
(Sefer Hamidos, Niuf 46)

Most Noafim Oppose the Tzadikim
In general most perverts are opponents of the righteous.
(Sefer Hamidos, Niuf 47)

Zera Livatala Equals Sacrificing Children to Avodah Zara
A person that spills seed in vain, it is as if he brought his children as a sacrifice to a strange deity, he also gets sentenced with the punishment of stoning (Skilah).
(Sefer Hamidos, Niuf 48)

Niuf Causes Memory Loss
Through immorality comes loss of memory.
(Sefer Hamidos, Niuf 49)

Niuf Causes Brazenness

Through immorality a person looses his sensitivity of embarrassment.
(Sefer Hamidos, Niuf 50)

Overeating Causes Niuf

Through overeating a person comes to immorality
(Sefer Hamidos, Niuf 51)

Difficult to Regret Pgam Habris
When a person commits a sin, he later regrets it since the holy spark is still in him. However when a person is Pogem the Bris he does not regret it afterwards since the holy spark has already left him.
(Sefer Hamidos, Niuf 52)

Shmiras Habris Brings Memory
A person that does not desecrate his Bris, through this he has good memory.
(Sefer Hamidos, Niuf 53)

Shvuas Sheker Causes Hirhury Niuf
Immoral thoughts are caused by swearing false oaths.
(Sefer Hamidos, Niuf 54)

A Guarantor for a Rasha Becomes a Noef
Someone who serves as a guarantor for a wicked person ends up becoming a pervert.
(Sefer Hamidos, Niuf 55)

Spilling Seed Causes Poverty
A person that spills his seed causes there will remain no money in his pockets.
(Sefer Hamidos, Niuf 56)

Adultery Causes Genocide
Through adultery comes killings.
(Sefer Hamidos, Niuf 57)

B"H a Givald new Nanach love Song for the Holy Land of Israel

The lyrics are available on the Hebrew

free download here:

Saba Yisroel - ongooing translation

News in the World

A Wagon without horses, the first in the country...

(How was it with the first car that reached Tiberius?) They said: “There came from England such a bus, that runs with such speed! On the mountains and on the hills.” So the whole city came to see this wonder, so they saw that he descended from the steps of the hotel, the owner of the car entered and he began to start it up to go, the wagon without horses, the car. So they heard that he began to go?! So they all said, everyone said, “maybe he will trample us? He will trample us, he goes all over? He will trample us!” There was fear. It doesn't have eyes, what will be? And there was such a fleeing! Everyone fled so that it would not trample him! I was also in the city, in the crowd that came to see the wonder of the car. Because it just began to sing, so they said, now he, he is already going, he already started to go, going! What happened? He is going? He will kill us, there was a fleeing, there was such a fleeing! Such a huge fleeing!

Friday, April 27, 2012

More words from Saba Yisroel - ongoing translation

The Story of the Dog

R. Yisroel alone in the synagogue with a mad dog

H”Y will have compassion on me, what I went through!.... Oy, there was such and such and such and such and more and more, but just this alone?! H”Y took me out of such a place, from a place of death, from such a place! There was no one to attend to me, no one to help me, yes, I was saved. H”Y saved me, yes. This is impossible for the brain to fathom, I am unable to tell over everything, that's the way it was.

And the yeshiva?.... I had a nice handwriting, and they needed to send letters for revenue, that they should support the yeshiva. So they asked me to write, nu? To write! But at night I sat in the synagogue, and I sat in great anguish. I already gave to H”Y the days of my life, and I go out and write in order to earn money? To earn an income? I sat and wrote, suddenly in the middle of writing, such a mad dog came in, with rabies, that was salivating at the mouth, and its eyes were very frightening, and it was running, running inside the synagogue, entering and exciting, entering and exciting, it was mamash frightening. And after this? I sit and I see such a thing! I see that this mad dog, it has rabies, yes. What is there to do? So there was next to me, next to me there was a closet of books, I took out the books and I entered the closet, and it was very small, it was. In any event I entered the closet and the dog came to the closet and fought with me, it wanted to open and held on that it should not be able to open, that it should not know to open, yes.

I saw more wondrous things! I was here, and the dog was here, so it wanted to bite, and here was the tomb of Rabbi Meir Baal Hanais. The dog came from here, and entered through the door, and wanted to come to me to bite me, and I saw as if they didn't allow him, they didn't let the dog come to me! Yes, that's what happened! Afterwards it wanted to come, and it was as if someone was not allowing it. The taste that I had (the reason this had occurred to me), this was to me because I made a vow not to work and I do not heed it, and I was writing, yes, yes, yes. For money I write?! The dog stood there next to me! It looked at me and I looked at it, but it was not able to come to me. Suddenly it was running. It began to run outside, and it left the synagogue. But I was scared lest it come. I was able to close the doors, G-d saved me from the dog! Also, this was also, the same thing as the desert that I remained that way... I am in the synagogue together with a mad dog and it can... it could bite.

(What happened to the dog?) I screamed to friends above, “open the the door so that I can get there! To be in a safe place!” When I reach a safe place, to the top floor, to the rooms, where we slept, then it can not fight with me any longer! So they opened the door, it was an iron door, so they opened it and I ran quickly, so that it would not be able to bite me, and I managed to reach (past) the dog! And they, the friends, afterwards, opened the door a little, in order that it should be able to insert just its head. So it inserted just its head, it didn't have a choice, and they closed the door on its head, and that was it, case closed, the dog was dead! The dog was dead! There is no dog! So/then I said, (already) I will no longer write letters, to bring on a mad dog. If I write, then a mad dog will come, I don't want that it should come, so I will not write any more!!”

A Sefer is Your Best Friend

קל"ה - הלכות ראש חודש ז:נה

Chazal says in Pirkei Avos 1:6, "Provide for yourself a rav, and get (kaneh) yourself a friend (chaver)"  It is brought down in different seforim that the word kaneh hints to the pen that one uses to write holy books. Ideally, one should find himself a rav, but if he cannot a way to rectify this is to get (kaneh) oneself a friend.  That is, one should attach (mechaber) holy books to himself and learn them well.  And, by doing this one will know who the true rav is.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Nanach Cartoons

These Nanach cartoons have been put up on our new Facebook page promoting the New Nanach Political Party:

Please support the page and the cause - there is a donate button on the page - we need about 70,000 shekel = $20,000 to register the party with the knesset.

Special thanks to B. Nanach for helping to make the cartoons:

Monday, April 23, 2012

From Breslov to Uman to Jerusalem

HH. Rabbi Nachman moved into Uman on the 6th of Eyar - which today has become the Day of Atzamos (this year this day has been pulled up from Friday to Thursday). May we merit to bring the holy Atzamos (bones) of Rabbainu to Israel this year on this date, amen.

Remembering Yocheved Ravitch OBM

This was written by someone close to her on a facebook group created to help out the family: "Circle of friends of Yocheved"

Ok so perhaps I've never really experienced a real shiva house, but this is something far beyond I could have ever expected. Walking into the Ravitch household one can automatically feel Yocheved's presence so strong. It doesn't feel anything like a foreign presence - it is the same feeling we always got when we went to hang out with the one we love and admire more than anything. It's like a sweet heavenly caress by an Ima who loves you more than anything. On the morning she died, when I heard the news in the car on the way to the hospital, I cried because I thought that meant I could never hold her hand again. Now, the second I walk through the door, she takes me by the hand and sits me down next to her glowing and everlasting sparks: her beautiful children. Each and everyone of them is shining profusely with her light it's almost blinding to be amongst them. They are the pillars of strength that she built them to be, with giant wings so they can fly anywhere they want to. When I sit among them, I feel like that too.

The other night we sat and talked till late hours of the night, and told stories upon stories of the many lifetimes she lived through. We laughed (yes laughed) until tears came to our eyes, and Yocheved (yes Yocheved) sat there amongst us and laughed too. Last night as well, we experienced Hashem's healing energy come down and repair our wounds with love, and Yocheved was there, whispering words of encouragement and forgiveness into our ears. The sense of unity and brother/sisterly love that filled the air was indescribable. There I was, witness to the fulfillment of perhaps a microcosm of Yocheved's last will - that we would all just get together and love each other unconditionally. This was what she spoke about many times before she passed, and this she said, was the last step towards bringing the final redemption. How much she and all of us begged that she would live to be a part of the geulah! And here she is, endowing us with the gifts of both vessel and light, so nothing can stand in our way.

So it's true Yocheved, you did not miss the boat, you are there right now, and you are showing us just a glimpse of how beautiful it really is. So I wanna bless you all and me and the whole world right now, with a taste of the geulah, so Yocheved's legacy will not be forgotten, because a taste like this can last more than a lifetime.

Torah from Yocheved Ravitch OBM

i once heard yocheved telling her kids a bed time story it was the three little pigs but she told her children that the pigs houses were a representation of their emunah and the straw house was one level the wood house another (each something specific and significant) and the brick house was strong so strong that no wolf can blow it down!!! (Mrs. Aron Zupnick).

More from an ongoing translation of Saba

The Story of the Desert

The trip to Damascus

I sat on the camel, and a wagon passed in front of the camel (you wanted to go to work in Damascus?) yes. I sat on the camel and a wagon passed in front of it, and it got very frightened, so it rose with great agitation, it got up and I didn't support myself, and it threw me to the sky! They all said, “he's dead! There's no hope that he's alive. How did he die? He received a blow, a deathly blow!” H”Y made a miracle that I fell on a mountain of straw, I remained alive. This was in the summer time, in the season when they cut the harvest of the wheat, so there was a mountain with straw, I fell on the mountain of straw. Afterwards (you received a malady on your eyes?) oy vay! Such a malady! It's a miracle that I was able to see the rest of my life after such an occurrence to the eyes, (three days, you didn't see, correct?), yes, there was more, I didn't see, the eyes – there was an inflammation, I didn't see anything with my eyes. My father was blind, so/then I saw that I had become blind like my father. I became very weak, and I such pain, such pain in the eyes, that it was impossible to live, to bear. In any event, a few days went by, and it got a little better for me... a little. But I didn't have strength, I didn't see with my eyes. They told me that there was a group of twenty men that were traveling to Tiberius. I said, good, I want to return to Rabbi Yisroel, I want to return in repentance, nu, but I didn't have strength. I didn't have... I didn't eat and didn't... and didn't drink, the pain....

I wasn't a person, just a dead person, that's how I went with them, and they went, and there was one there who was a Sephardic Jew that had a store in the village, yes. And I was, in the time that I had the pain in my eyes, I was next to him, and he had a donkey and he went with them to Tiberius. I said, I also want Tiberius, I don't want to work, I want to return in repentance, I want to return to Rabbi Yisroel, good. They went, but I wasn't able to continue, I wasn't able to go, I didn't have shoes, I didn't have clothing, I was sick, and the feet? The feet and the eyes and the... and the hunger and the pain.

In any event I remained, they went and I remained. Who can recount? I remained without bread, without water, without anything, yes. Nu? What could be from this? I saw where I was (found – predicament), what could become of me, in the night the lions would eat me, the wild animals, and no one would know. And I pictured in my mind, they will eat me, I am living, I will live, and they... they will eat me alive, and they will eat the hands and the feet, and they will eat me. I thought, “What? What type of pain will I have? I want to see the death. From where does one see?... I will not even come to a Jewish grave G-d forbid. Who will know from me? I don't have water, I don't have bread, I don't have anything, what can be?...” They all went, there were twenty men, they all went and abandoned me, and I was unable to continue to go on, so what was there to do? I asked the owner of the donkey to give me the donkey to ride on, so he told me, “I have wheat, I have on the donkey, I can not, I can't...” So bandits came and took the donkey with the wheat! Yes. I remained like that. So/then I saw that I was in dire straights, so I said, here there is no one that can hear, I will scream till the sky, till the heart of the sky, I will scream with all my might until I die. I screamed such screams to H”Y! I told Him, “You see my predicament? What could be of me? I want to repent! I want to live!” So I said, “Master of the World, Your are able to everything, You can help me. If You help me get out of here alive, so/then I sanctify all the days of my life, just for devotion to H”Y!”

I accepted upon myself a vow that I could not revoke! There is such a vow, a vow upon the resolve of many. There is such a vow that is impossible to revoke. I accepted upon myself such a vow! “Master of the World, I see that here I am far from living, but if You help me, I sanctify all the days of my life, just for the devotion of H”Y...” Nu, nu... I screamed with all my might. In the forest they go, sounds are heard from very far. So/then I heard the sounds of horses, that horses are going, going with irons... (before the horses, you forgot, some arab said to you from afar, come to me, there was an arab on the hill, and wanted to take your money) Is it necessary to recount everything? (Yes, tell over everything!) Good! I went with whatever garment, so the arab searched and didn't find money, so he left me naked, he took the clothing and left... (he left you without clothing?) yes, so/then I screamed with such shouting! Then I heard the sound of the horses that go with irons. So/then I said, maybe this is the salvation? And so it was, this was the salvation! Two horses with their riders came and saw me, that I, from the tears of my eyes, my clothes were damp (translators note, apparently the arab left Saba with at least an undergarment), such a long time I went (?) and they had compassion on my plight/ I said, “What can I ask from them? That they should get down, and I will go on the horses?...” So/then they said to me, “What can we do for you?” I told them that they should go and inform the village that I was alive. They said that they would go to the village, and there they will reveal that I am deserting the army, and they searched for me, it is necessary to bring him to the village. Yes! They went! I didn't see them, nu? They grabbed me, they didn't want to leave me. But the officers? They... we didn't see them, the went....

I saw the horses, they said to me, they rode on the horses, and they said to me that I should follow them. I said, “What? Horses!” I went on four, I didn't go on two, on hands and feet! Nu? I can go after horses? What is this? So they sat on the horses, and they said to me such, that I should go with them. Nu, I went on four, and they sat on the horses, I saw the horses and I went after the horses. Afterwards I stopped seeing the horses. But I had a path, so I went with this path until I came to a place of pasture for animals, goats, who can recount all of this.... (it was good fortune, that they gave you to drink cream) yes, yes! I … I came, so I asked that they give me water to drink. They brought me a wooden box, such a big box with curd, and cream (translator's note: these are common Israeli foods, variation of sour cream and yogurt: Leben and Shammenet), so I had a miracle. If not for this I would have died, I didn't need, not to eat and not to drink (?). Yes! And an arab came with a horse. This horse was full of bruises, the arab was poor, he didn't have a good horse, so I asked him that I should ride. He said to me, “What will you give me?” I said to him, “You will come to Tzemach, there I have wealthy family, they will give you a lot of money if you take me.” So he took me. Afterwards he had regret, oy, he wants money! Now maybe they won't give him? Maybe only I want?.... In any event, they... they took me to Tiberius by was of the Sea of Kinneret. I came home, and there in Tiberius, there was over there, that those who went by foot, they told over that bandits came and took from them everything they had. So they said, because they had left me, so they received a punishment from Heaven. They told my family that I had remained, they don't know where. I came and I had wounds on my feet... I went in the mire on stones, until my feet were full of blood and the stones took the flesh of my feet and hands. The doctors examined me, my feet, and they said to me, “It is forbidden, the mikva (ritual immersion) is forbidden! It is forbidden to go to the mikva! If you go to the mikva you will die!” I didn't listen! Me without a mikva? So I went to the mikva, and the smell was like a carcass, yes, of the feet. H”Y helped me. I suffered and suffered and suffered, until the malady transpired, until I remained alive.

My predicament? Where I was to be found? A person, a sick person? Can not go without water without bread? Without anything. So, what? What will be from this? And also my life? What type of life is this? This, this? This is life? But I did such screaming, until the heart of the heavens... yes. I said, I don't have anyone here to be embarrassed from, here I can scream as much as I want. Yes. So? So I screamed, until... until the heavens! I had already given up, but I said, “Master of the World, you are able to do everything, if You get me out of here alive, from here, then I sanctify all the days of my life, just for the devotion of H”Y.” And I did not merit to fulfill the vow, I did not merit. There was famine, there was... there was livelihood? It was a very severe test, not like today, yes. But the Rav Werner, the Rav Werner, I was with him, he saw what I suffered, so he revoked the vow, together with other rabbis. Yes. I told him, so he said, “it is possible to revoke!”

From an ongoing translation of Saba

She did for me many righteousness without measure.

Why don't you come to me? There is made great delight (Above, from this...) he rectifies he make new, Rabbainu Hakadosh, there will all the healing and salvation for every one! That he should speak before H”Y before the tzadik. He gives us rectification for everything, for all the days of our life, for us, and for our children, and for every person.... What I have to say, I am not able... and also one needs to buy Likutya Tefilos (Collection of Prayers), and also Likutay Halachos (Collection of Laws), Likutay Eitzos (Collection of Advice/Remedies), and Meshivas Nefesh (Restoration of the Soul), “Hishtapchus Hanefesh (Outpouring of the Soul), that Rabbainu revealed, they are rectifications and salvation for everyone, however he is, whatever transpired over him.... The rabbis, they are worthless! Not worth anything! The main thing is Rabbainu, he is the foundation of everything, of the Torah, of the prayer, of everything! Of all the rectifications! Ah! When I was young I spoke a lot about Rabbainu with the people, and thank God there were many people who truly returned in repentance, and also now I do all that is possible. The main root and the rectification of all of Israel, of each and evey one, and he heals and strengthens and enlivens us, beyond description unfathomable. (here Saba speaks to someone in Yiddish: From where did we meet?...You did such good deeds... (I) remember this... You should have much nachas from your children, yes yes... Jewish nachas (who's this?)) from Bnei Brak, this is the woman, she did for me many charities without measure, she came early in the morning and brought me food, and more and more and more, what she did! She searched a lot until she found me, she brought me food every day, on Shabbos (good?) yes! Thank G-d. She has many grandchildren studying Torah, yes, yes, attending Yeshivas and serving Hashem (this is in the merit of the charity which she did?) Huh? Nu, certainly certainly, charity is something....

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Drawing Down the Holiness of Eretz Yisrael

קל"ה - הלכות בית כנסת ה:א

(Painting of the Galil by Lael Har)

The essence of a shul's holiness is drawn down from the holiness of Eretz Yisrael, for in Eretz Yisrael is the essence of the ascent of prayer, as it is written, "and pray to You toward their land." (Melachim I 8:48)  And the essence of the holiness of Eretz Yisrael is through, "He has declared to His people the power of His works." (Tehillim 111:6)  This corresponds to what Razal relates, "He took it [Eretz Yisrael] from them and gave it to us," (Rashi on Bereishis), for through this we have to power to sanctify every place in the word with the holiness of Eretz Yisrael.  As such, the holiness of a shul draws upon the concept of conquering Eretz Yisrael, for through, "He declared to his people the power of His works," they were able to conquer the land.  And therefore through building shuls and batei midrash for the sake of Heaven, the way one must act, walk, and return to our holy land, and to conquer it from the hand of the Sitra-Achra is drawn down to us even now.

Enjoy the view and perspective of Nanach

The Light of the Moon Will Be Like the Light of the Sun

קל"ה - הלכות ראש חודש ה:יב

(Painting by Marc Chagall)
The sun and the moon correspond to Moshe and Dovid HaMelech, which in turn relate to glory and kingship, which relate to Torah and prayer respectively.  As is known, the years are counted according to the cycles of the sun, and the months according to the cycles of the moon.  Therefore, on Rosh HaShanah, which is on Rosh Chodesh, the sun and the moon are like one, that is, both are equal in stature.  This relates to the idea that the "light of the moon is like the light of the sun."  This happens once the quality of prayer is increased by turning the Torah that one learns into prayer, and by praying that the Torah be sustained.

Friday, April 20, 2012

nanach nba

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1/6/2012 Noelle S. $36
1/5/2012 Shannon L. $50
12/30/2011 Justin E. $0.18
12/28/2011 Justin E. $10.17
11/28/2011 Noelle S. $18
11/28/2011 Justin E. $0.8
11/28/2011 Justin E. $0.8
11/25/2011 Noelle S. $36
11/25/2011 Justin E. $1.68
11/24/2011 Justin E. $1.6
11/22/2011 Justin E. $1.6
11/20/2011 Justin E. $3.36
11/16/2011 Justin E. $2.6
11/14/2011 Justin E. $1.6
11/13/2011 Justin E. $1.61
11/13/2011 Noelle S. $36
11/11/2011 Justin E. $1.6
11/7/2011 Justin E. $1.6
11/2/2011 Justin E. $1.6
11/2/2011 Sabina S. $3
11/2/2011 Justin E. $1.6
11/1/2011 Paul A. $30
10/29/2011 Noelle S. $18

In Nissan We Will Be Redeemed With Nanach

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Remembrance of Aron Patz OBM 30 days after his passing

Today is 30 days since the passing of Aron Patz, last night there was a large event in Machsiya (right near Beit Shemesh) and I estimate that up to 100 Nanach attended (there was also a seperate room for women). No one really wanted to speak, and also in the month of Nissan there are no eulogies. Michael Hazamir said a few words.

We should all learn from Aron who had very strong knowledge and faith in H"Y, to the extent that he new that Nanach could mamash bring redemption, and he never tired of telling people of how we have to start printing millions and billions of Rabbainu's holy books, and especially the holy Petek and the awesome song signature, Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman, and the kumaya (amulet). Aron would tell people straight up, the score the way it is, that the whole redemption is completely contingent on Nanach, and by accepting and promoting Nanach one brings upon himself, his family, friends, neighbors, and the whole world all the blessings of the goodness of H"Y, he saves himself from all hardship and suffering, and merits salvation and everything good.

B"H from now on we will all be stronger in our conviction of this truth and bring hafatza to a new level.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Song for the New Nanach Political Party

free download:

lyrics can be found on the Hebrew

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

In honor of the Day of Remembrance of the Holocaust

HH. Saba said: "it is possible that all the suffering of the Jews in the time of Hitler, this was due to, because of this. Who knows? (Because he degraded Rav Yisroel Karduner?) Yes" {translators note: The Ishbitzer in his book May HaSheloach says that before Avrohom actually chased after the four kings he had a thought, not to pursue them, from this thought were born the 2,400,000 souls that H”Y killed during the plague of darkness, because they didn't want to be redeemed. From here one can understand that by causing pain to a true tzadik, even for a the time span of a thought, can have serious repercussions even to millions of people}.

This possibility that Saba says is just regarding the particular cause, but it is very clear that all the suffering in the world is incurred due to the concealment of our holy Rebbe Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman. If only people would realize this, they would awaken and bring the redemption by spreading Nanach like MAD!

B"H GIVALD new Nanach song - HEBREW

For free download click here: In Breslov Burns a Fire - Fire it up in my heart!

B"H the lyrics are availabe on the Hebrew

Monday, April 16, 2012

New Pamphlet on Eretz Yisroel

50,000 copies of  a new pamphlet called 'Rebbe Nachman on Eretz Yisroel' have recently been published and will be given out for free all over the country B"H.

Publication of this pamphlet was funded by the New Outreach Project. It was put together by Sharon and

Download the Eretz Yisroel pamphlet as a PDF


Going to the Bleach in Meron by Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai - The ACID Test ...

Sunday, April 15, 2012

No one likes a goody goody, definitely not H"Y, that's why He gave us Nanach!

In the Chok for today (1st of Tazriyah, in the last section of Mussar) a parable is brought down (from Medresh Kohelet, it seems to me that Rashi also brings it) about a king who locked up a gang of bandits. The bandits dug a tunnel and escaped, but one bandit remained. When the warden found out about the escape and discovered the remaining bandit, the warden beat him, exclaiming, "Idiot, the escape tunnel is right there before you, why didn't you escape?!"

This is an amazing parable, because one would have thought that if a person was incarcerated by the King of Kings, he would be rebelling by breaking out, and yet our holy sages taught that thinking so is idiotic! H"Y desires us to be free, not to be constrained even by inordinate subservience. There is a great deal to be said about this, every person can understand this according to the depth of their heart - in truth.

When the Messiah is coming and everyone is going to have the intelligence to desire only the service of H"Y, don't think that the world will look like one auditorium of goody goodies, God forbid. No one likes goody goodies, least of all H"Y. That's why He gave us Na Nach!

Understand this well, for it is your life - Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

B"H this weeks Parsha - Tazriah

This weeks parsha is Tazria - A woman who produces seed and gives birth to a son. The word TaZRiYA, has the letter Resh which spells Shir - song or sing (also meaning the head...). the rest of the letters TaZRiYA have the numerical value - gimatria - of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman. Thus a woman who sings Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman will give birth to a son, B"H.

B"H Wednesday is the Shloshim (30 days from the passing) of Aron Patz OBM

B"H there will be a remembrance gathering in Ramat Beit Shemesh (I think).

Saba said (this is on tape and is transcribed in Sichot Mitoch Chayay Hasaba page 155): Then H"Y sent Aron, and if not for Aron the Letter would not have been revealed!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

How Does Food Sustain A Person?

קל"ה, הלכות פסח ג:א

Everything in the world is rooted in four essential elements: fire, air, water, and earth.  Man and the food that he eats are also rooted in these elements.  The essence of one's "life-spirit" is drawn into a person through the food that he eats as is empirically observed.  Through this a person's vitality is sustained.  But, the fact of the matter is that it is not only through bread alone that a person is sustained, that is, "through all that comes forth from Hashem's mouth," meaning, man is sustained through the "life-spirit" that Hashem draws into the food that is eaten.  The essence of this vitality is from the Torah, from where the "life-spirit" is drawn as elaborated inside [both Likutei Moharan and Likutei Halachos]. 

Therefore, one needs to eat according to the Torah and Halacha, which relates to the concept of, "And Your Torah is within my inner parts." (Tehilim 40:9)  No food item has strength to sustain a person unless it is bound up in Torah, which is the source of its vitality.  Again, this is a concept of, "All that which comes from Hashem's mouth gives life to man."   This corresponds to the brocha that a person must say on every food item he wishes to eat, because the brocha relates to "All that which comes from Hashem's mouth, etc," which relates to the "life-spirit" of holiness.   This is the essence of vitality.

Israel Television Interviews Simcha Nanach (on April Fools Day)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More Secrets of the Haggadah b"h

nlo"d vhry"a
1. "Ha LaChMa Oniya/This is the bread of affliction" -- This is the war (miLChaMa) [of Amaleq against] the humble one [Oni=humble, i.e. Moshe Rabeinu [Num. 12:3], i.e. the Tzadik haDor, as brought in the sefarim]. And therefore we say the Hagaddah between the first two cups of wine, which repair the Da'at/knowledge and the Brit to fight the war... See

2. "Mah Nishtanah/What is the difference..." -- Tonight is reviewed/repeated (nishtanah) our attachment to Moshe Rabeinu/the Tzadik haDor, who is MaH, as it says, " וְנַחְנוּ מָה/ve'nachnu MaH/we are what"? (Ex. 16:7) This also permutes as נחמן הוו/Nachman haVaV -- Nachman is the Vav, i.e. the Tzadik Yesod Olam. MaH -- Mem He -- Take our water, take our Torah. MaH -- Me-Hei -- from the Hei -- al pi kabbalah the middle matza, seen as a letter Hei, is broken into a smaller piece shaped as Daleth and a larger piece shaped as Vav, the latter being hid as the Afikoman. Seems to me this is Moshe Rabeinu from shevet Levi, i.e. the Tzadik haDor (as is known, the the three Matzot stand for Kohen, Levi, Yisrael). Moshe Rabeinu is the secret, he is hidden, his grave is hidden, the Tzadik is still hidden. But he's coming back, so the Afikoman comes back -- Az Yashir Moshe -- Then, in the future (to sing the new song Y YK YKV YKVK, Tikunei haZohar #21, daf 51b; hinting to the Resurrection, Sanh. 91b, Mechilta, and as brought by Rashi in Ex. 15:1).
And this goes with the pshat of the Ramban et. al. that the afikoman is a commemoration of the Korban Pesach, as it has already been counted that Pesach=148=NACHMAN. And indeed, TZAFUN, BAREKH, HALLEL -- when the hidden Moshe returns, we bless and sing! So may we merit to the New Song speedily in our days.

Happy Pesach! N NH NHM NHMN.

P.S. Overheard in a conversation here... "..Which Rebbe?" "There is One Rebbe. Hashem is One? So there is One Rebbe."

Sunday, April 8, 2012


The FIRST DAY of the Sephira on the FIRST DAY of the week was also the FIRST DAY of the FIRST cycle of Likutei Moharan learning for Nanachs. To note, this day was not the same for all Jews celebrating Pesach, for Jews outside of Israel observe the first two days as Yom Tov, while in Israel - we observe only the first day as Yom Tov as it is originally from the Torah. Accordingly, in Israel, this day was the first day of the week of Parshas Shemini. And for those who have learned Likutei Moharan before, will know that in Torah 70 of the first part of Likutei Moharan is based on the first Posuk of Parshas Shemini, which concludes about the significance of Rosh Chodesh Nissan - the FIRST DAY of the FIRST month of the Jewish calendar, the date that the events in the beginning of Parshas Shemini took place - the dedication of the Mishkan and the official inauguaration of Aharon and his sons as Cohanim, and is the birthdate of Rabbeinu. Hence, this date that we began the Likutei Moharan learning being the first day of the week of Parshas Shemini is connected with the birthday of Rabbeinu, even though today was not Rosh Chodesh Nissan.

To note, the very FIRST Torah of Rabbeinu in Likutei Moharan is based on the FIRST Posuk of the longest chapter in Tanach - Tehillim 119 - consisting of 176 verses, which begins with Ashrei Temimei Dorech HaHolchim B'Toras Hashem.

Let's continue learning the TRUE Toras Hashem. Ashreichem!

P.S. Again, for the Likutei Moharan learning schedule, you can write to me here or E-mail me at

Friday, April 6, 2012

B"H GIVALD new Nanach song

burn your chumetz, wipe it out
destroy all your anger, ego, and doubt
wash away the enemy
sing Nanach the redemption melody

Be strong and courageous
happy and joyess
thoughtful and kind
Let God blow your mind/ with Nanach all the time

let me tell you a story
you won't be sorry
we were slaves and now we're free
our only job now is to be holy and happy

Thursday, April 5, 2012

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Here are some items that pertain to the approaching festival:

A New Book About Rabbi Nachman

Today is the hilula of Rabbi Yosef Kairo the author of the Shulchan Aruch - Code of Law

Rabbi Yosef Karo also known as the Beis Yosef - the name of his commentary on the "Tor"
(precursor to the Shulchan Aruch).
The Beis Yosef intended people to read the whole Shulchan Aruch every
month, and now a days we are fortunate if we succeed in adhering to
what Rabbainu wanted - to at least learn some of it every day.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Likutei Moharan Learning Schedule

As per my post last week about starting learning Likutei Moharan on a daily basis for the Nanch community for 30 weeks/210 days, the FIRST cycle will begin, B'Ezras Hashem, on 16 Nissan, 5772 - 2nd day of Pesach/FIRST day of Sephiras HaOmer - on the FIRST day of the week (begins Motzoei Shabbos/Saturday night) and will conclude on 18 "CHAI" Cheshvan, 5773 - the 18th "CHAI" Yahrzeit of Saba, the Ba'al HaPetek, on Shabbos Parshas Vayeira. I tried copying the learning schedule for this on this blog, but for some reason , it doesn't come out good. So, to receive a copy of this schedule via E-mail, please write to me here or at Chag Kasher V'Sameach & Gut Yom Tov.

P.S. Speaking of timing, noting that Rabbeinu Moharan was Niftar in the year 5571, this post about learning his magnum opus - Likutei Moharan - is the 5,571st post on

"Ani Nachman" - Hint to Rabbeinu's B-Day

While we are already have passed Rabbeinu's birthday of the 1st of Nissan, there's the well known hint to Rabbeinu where in the words - V'Im Ayin Mechani Na M'Sifrecha- "If not, please erase me from Your book" (Exodus 32:32) in which when the letters are spelled backwards, it reads Ani Nachman - "I am Nachman", and the Roshei Teivos of these words is Me'Uman. To think of it, the word Ani "I" also hints to Rabbeinu's birthday of the 1st of Nissan, as the letters of this word is the first part of the date of Alef Nissan - as the letters are Alef, Noon, Yud, being that the first two letters of the month of Nissan are Noon & Yud.

This quoted verse is in the context of Moshe Rabbeinu pleading to Hashem to forgive Klal Yisroel for the sin of the Eigel HaZahav. This Aveira for all practical purposes was a negation on behalf of the ones who worshipped it of the Korban Pesach that they brought in Mitzrayim to show the Mitzrayim that their god was being used as a Korban to be slaughtered and eaten. Another reason for this was to negate the powers of the constellation of the month of Nissan - Taleh/lamb, which the Egyptians worshipped, and hence, to turn their Mazel around in favor of the Jewish people, who are in fact above nature. And more directly related to the 1st of Nissan, it was on this very date - Rabbeinu's birthday - that Hashem told Moshe Rabbeinu to tell Klal Yisroel the Mitzva of the Korban Pesach. And as we know, the word Pesach is the same Gematria as Rabbeinu's name Nachman - 148.

B"H GIVALD new Nanach song - HEBREW

here's the link:

Nanach: body and soul

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

B"H GIVALD new Nanach song

click here for free download:

Special thanks to ShimonR. for laying down a track of guitar and setting up a reverb effect.


come come sing along, we're all having so much fun
come come sing along, Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman

Oh it's so sweet, what a treat.
so fresh and invigorating, alive and exciting

bring the Nanach all around/ Nanach is taking over the town
Nanach is your crown

escelate, ascend with haste,
don't languish suffer your fate
reach higher, look further,
undulate, gain fervor

No Despair!

  • This is a little piece I posted on facebook which I have been meaning to express for some time, and finally B"H the opportunity presented itself:

    Simcha Hochman
    Before I knew about Nanach I gave up, even now I have given up, when I confront all the desires of my body and the challenge of bringing the whole world to H"Y, I simply give up. Then I hear the call of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman - the call of our holy master Rabbi Nachman from Uman, who says that there is no despair in the world what so ever, and I know that I can rely on Rabbainu, so I say, personally I just can't do it, but if you can, then I'm putting EVERYTHING on you, and in this way I am busy bringing everyone to Rabbainu, because if I can't help them I know that Rabbainu can! So never lose Nanach!
    8 minutes ago · · 1
  • Ben Ehrhardt B"H
    5 minutes ago ·
  • Simcha Hochman This is possibly an extension of what Rabbi Nachman said "There is no despair in the world", in the works of Kabala and Hasidus, "no" is a reference to the highest abnegation to H"Y, where He is supreme above any materialism, even of spiritual existence, H"Y is simply "not". So Rabbi Nachman was saying that when one contemplates and confronts H"Y as "no" - then one will for sure despair of himself, his own ego and ability. What a blessing! Thank God for Nanach!

Monday, April 2, 2012

In Nissan We Will Be Redeemed With Nanach

B"H Thank God for Nanach!

Today I was invited to a very short interview on Israeli National TV, Channel 10, they found it incredulous that I came by hitch hiking, B"H!

B"H one of our old magnets came in handy and I put it on their fridge (the one that the staff uses)!

There were some other good moments B"H hopefully you'll see the clip (I don't know when it will be aired).

Baruch Hashem a New Nanach song - Hebrew

click here for free download: In the Petek it says that when Messiah comes everyone will be happy!

The lyrics are posted on the Hebrew

Sunday, April 1, 2012

By Saba Miracles Were Common and Natural

Someone asked Tzipora (Saba's daughter) why she had never told us the story of how Saba brought her mother – Saba's wife – back to life after the doctor's in the hospital had already pronounced her dead and put her in a refrigerated room where she was for quite some time. Tzipora answered that it hadn't occurred to her to recount it, because with her father they were accustomed to things like this as the norm. E.g. she said, the whole week her father wasn't home and the cubbards were empty, then Saba would come home for Shabas bringing guests and they would open the cubbards and find them full of food.

B"H GIVALD new Nanach song

click here for free download: Nanach Makes The Difference!

nanach goes my way. super holy highway
makes me everyday celebrate like a holiday

Nanach pushes my buttons, Nanach gives me the motions,
Nanach takes me where I gotto be, gets me ready and sets me free

Nanach makes the difference, Rabbi Nachman is the key to existence. Nanach pulls me through, Nanach is always new

Nanach is the saving grace, culture elegance and taste
Nanach is the height of fashion, freedom liberty and emancipation

So I'm going to be brave I'm going to be Nanach,
There's a lot to save, its just the right zach.

Nanach rules Nanach blues
Nanach chills Nanach kills (the falsehood).