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Sunday, March 18, 2012

This Weeks Parsha (Torah portion) - Vayikra - And He called to Moshe

This weeks Torah portion is Vayikra - H"Y called to Moshe, Rash"i says that after H"Y spoke with Moshe Rabbainu, He would leave Moshe with some time to contemplate what he has just learned, Rash"i says that if that was the case with Moshe Rabbainu who received directly from H"Y, how much more so a regular person learning from another regular person must take time after each lesson to contemplate what he had just learned. We know that everything that we see and sense are all messages and teachings from H"Y, even when God forbid we fall and see or hear or sense things that are forbidden, it is all God speaking to us, except when the source of the message stems from a holy place then with minimal time and contemplation one can digest their import and come to a basic understanding of what the Holy Merciful One God is telling him, but when the source of the message stems from an unholy place, a person needs to take a lot of time, to seclude himself/herself to properly delve into the experience and figure out what exactly the Holy Merciful One God was telling them and wants them to learn from that experience. So before falling deeper and further God forbid one should try to break away to contemplate and scream to H"Y to understand the first communication.
The main thing is Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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