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Friday, March 2, 2012

This Weeks Parsha (Torah portion) - Titzave (You should command)

This weeks Parsha talks of the holy clothing of the High Priest, including the breast plate and Ephod (a kind of apron for the back with a belt and straps going up and over the shoulders), these housed the most precious stones in the world (the Talmud relates how the stones had to be searched for throughout the world, and how astronomical fortunes were paid to procure them - and sometimes even that wasn't enough). So it is very amazing to note what was done with these precious stones. The Torah commands that they be engraved with the names of Children of Israel! Nothing is more fitting and valuable than to cut into these stones and adorn them with the holy names of the twelve tribes!

From here we can learn how important it is to write Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman everywhere. Sometimes we hear people complaining that this is C"V defacing property - but they obviously do not have knowledge of the holy Torah which teaches that there is nothing greater and more enhancing to appreciate the value of property than to write the names of true Tzadikim upon them.

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