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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Power of Speaking To People About Nanach

Not so long ago there was a story we posted, but we didn't give it proper acknowledgement. This was when Bibi Netanyahu went to America to address Congress. There was great anxiety because previously America had treated him with disrespect, in additional to the usual anti Israel hatred. The day before Bibi's speech, he said before the whole world, on television, the words of Rabbainu, that this world is a narrow bridge and the rule and main thing is not to have any fear, Bibi continued to say that it was apparent that President Roosevelt was a student of Rabbainu, having learned this as he echoed it in his saying, “there's nothing to fear except fear itself.”

Rabbi Nachman revealed (Likutay Moharan 29) that by speaking of the praise of the tzadik one's own words will be accepted. There is in fact a complete story accompanying this teaching (Life of Rabbi Nachman 20) how a wealthy chusid of Rabbainu who was due before a severe tribunal on account of his business dealings with the Russian army, and was in considerable danger, upon hearing this teaching from Rabbainu, as it was revealed just then, he understood very well to make avail of this remedy, and on his whole trip to the judgment he recounted the greatness and praises of Rabbainu, and when he finally stood in front of the judges, all his reasoning and arguments were accepted with great respect, and he was saved from all danger and left in peace.

This is what happened with Bibi, who after sanctifying the Name of God and His Tzadik, subsequently proceeded to address the Congress, and his words were accepted with applause over 40 times, and over 30 times (or at least 29) they all got up on their feet to give him a standing ovation, a reception even remotely unparallelled in the history of the Congress.

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