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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More From Saba:

The mitzva of charity to truly poor, how hard it is:

Nu, I saw a friend, Breslov hasidim from Poland, from Poland, Liebermantz, the father of Liebermantz, Rav Velvel Liebermantz, he had a factory for candles. He was rich, and he had houses, and he hid his eyes from seeing me, yes. He gave me to sleep, he gave me to eat, but money he didn't give. He was stingy with money, and I saw that someone that doesn't have the merit, so/then they don't let him fulfill the mitzva of charity. If he would have given me a few liras to bring home, that I should have bread to eat, what, what already did I search for? What did I search for? I looked for something extra? Bread for the children! Clothing for the children! Nu, if he would have given me, he had money! He would have profited (or translate: He profited – i.e. he had money). Yes. And he didn't give. He gave me? His giving was ten grush, yes. This he gave me, yes. I didn't contemplate this, I didn't begrudge him... I didn't harbor a grudge in my heart, that's how H”Y conducts the world! One who doesn't have the merit, so they let him? The money? Do not give to Yisroel Ber, just 10 grush. He should have given me, given him, expansively, charity and money. For what does he work? For what? For whom? For what?... Yes. But there is no intellect. What will be? What will be that he profits and he has money? He doesn't have control over himself, on the money, no! Yes. That's the way it is. And I, even still, I didn't look at this, I didn't look. How much is he Breslov? Breslov? He doesn't have false beliefs, at least, he doesn't believe in the admurs (hasidic masters), yes. And in this? I was with him together very close, he is like me. He is far from this, false beliefs, from admurs he doesn't believe, in false beliefs in admurs. But this is not sufficient.

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