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Monday, March 12, 2012

More From Saba:

The charity of Moshe Klien

In Haifa, Rav Moshe Klien lived, he was into Rabbainu, and all of Haifa loved him, they loved him. He went alone (unique?) in all of Haifa, he took all the animal hairs from the milk, at the time of milking, there didn't remain hair here like everyone, he was unique in Haifa, yes. And also his milk, was unique in Haiafa, they felt the taste of the Garden of Eden in the milk of Moshe. I came to Rav Moshe Klien, and his wife did not want guests, she said to him, “Guests? Take them to the motel! I am not able, I don't have the strength, and I don't have... patience, I don't want guests!” That's what was! He went with me to the motel and gave me a bed and a room and what to eat. Afterwards I went with him, he went at midnight, after midnight, he went to the village, in order to stand (there) at the time of milking, so that it shouldn't be milk of a gentile (translator's note: a Jew is forbidden to drink milk that wasn't supervised by a Jew), milk of a goy, nu. He had some buckets with milk, he took one and I took one, and we went the two of us with the buckets, I with one bucket, and he with one bucket, and we spoke from Rabbainu, from house to house, yes. One sees that it is hard for a person to do a mitzva if he doesn't have the merit, yes. If he would have given me money that I would have for bread, so that I could send home something. He had money! He gave me, his present was a motel, and food, and a half a lira, this is what he gave me, yes, half a lira.

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