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Sunday, March 18, 2012


B"H there's a great mayfitz code named "Boyya" who fearlessly goes to each and every house and apartment in Israel - he has it all mapped out - even when there's a growling dog barring the way. Only on very rare occasions does he deem the dog a real threat. Boyya showed me how you can tell that the dog is just putting on a show; when you advance the dog will retreat slightly, so then you go all the way and the dog back track completely. Of course Boyya doesn't usually look for any signs and just goes ahead. Once we were barred by a pretty nasty dog growing and jumping at us, getting to the door Boyya knocked, the door opened and the guy lunges toward the dog trying to contain it, not looking at us for even a moment. Boyya tells the guy, it's a sweet dog - nothing to worry about. The guy tells him, this dog has bitten people in the past....

Many times when we are serving H"Y, people spring up to dampen our spirits, they tell us we are disturbing, sometimes they even threaten, and sometimes they even get violent.... One must be brave and forge past the dogs, and maybe once in a while give them their bone.

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Anonymous said...

one needs not whisper to a dog to calm it... a finger in its ear is often enough. People rarely clean their dogs ears, so most dogs are quite thankful for the attention given to them.

cats hold a similar trait with wanting their chins scratched .. places difficult for them to reach on their own. And they enjoy a chin, especially a bearded one, on their heads.

it makes good friends of cats and dogs,

and often leaves their owners confounded.