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Sunday, April 1, 2012

By Saba Miracles Were Common and Natural

Someone asked Tzipora (Saba's daughter) why she had never told us the story of how Saba brought her mother – Saba's wife – back to life after the doctor's in the hospital had already pronounced her dead and put her in a refrigerated room where she was for quite some time. Tzipora answered that it hadn't occurred to her to recount it, because with her father they were accustomed to things like this as the norm. E.g. she said, the whole week her father wasn't home and the cubbards were empty, then Saba would come home for Shabas bringing guests and they would open the cubbards and find them full of food.


Anonymous said...

Where is this story brought down?

NaaNaach said...

Sorry, but I don't remember, there are a few books with stories, and B"H in the near future the Nanach will be putting out some books. The first part of this story is printed somewhere, not the part involving Tzipora - that I just heard from one of the friends by Rabbainu.