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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Baruch Hasham a New Nanach song

Based on a Mishna in Ethics of Our Fathers 3:3:

Lyrics from Ethics of Our Fathers 3:3 Two people who have sat together and did not have between them words of Torah = Nanach - this is considering a sitting of scoffers. As it is written in the end of the Holy Book of Malachi - Then the God fearing spoke with each other, and God paid attention and listened and He wrote in a book or remembrance befor Him, for the God fearing and those to whom His name is important. אבות ג:ג שנים שיושבים ואין ביניהם דברי תורה = נ נח, הרי זה מושב לצים.... שנאמר (סוף מלאכי) אז נדברו איש אל רעהו ויקשב ה' וישמע ויכתוב בספר זכרון לפניו לירא השם ולחושבי שמו.

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