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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Baruch Dayan Haemes

This morning Ahron Pots passed away at the airport on the way to Uman. Ahron was zuche to be Mishamesh Saba for years and was one of the his original three follower. Ahron was mafitz thousands upon thousands of Sefri Rabbanue all for free.

The Livaya is today in Yerushalaim.


shimonmatisyahu said...

He passed away during the week of Parshas Vayikra, which is all about the various type of sacrifices that the Cohanim, beginning with Aharon HaCohen, offered in the Mishkan or Beis HaMikdash. To note, Aharon HaCohen's name, the same name as the Niftar Z"L,'s is mentioned 11 times in this Parsha, just as there are 11 lines in the Petek, the basis of Aharon Pot's Hafatza.

nissim said...

barukh dayan ha'emet. zy"a

In Los Angeles at what was Breslev Center there (1499 S. Robertson) circa 2001 I remember Aharon used to get up from his wheelchair and dance around the bimah with us.

In c. 2008 on a Shabbat I was zoche to talk with him at Pinto Center in LA. I mention some things he said... Na nach -- hu shir shel chesed... going to Saba in Yerushalayim rather than to Rabeinu in Uman is a mistake... our chaverim were not successful to move Rabeinu's body to E.Y. because this is the job of Mashiakh... [Someone was lamenting to Aharon of their financial woes/losses, they were suffering, the man said; Aharon replied (not to worry or be sad)] Money comes, money goes...

Na Nach