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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Addendum to Post of Rabbeinu's 240 Years

Having mentioned in my previous post of the connection of Rabbeinu's 240 years from his birth that fell out on this Shabbos Parshas Vayikra as per the Roshei Teivos of the phrase referring to Moshe Rabbeinu as Re'aya Meheimna - being the number 240 - Reish & Mem, I want to mention a brief quote from Rabbeinu's Likutei Moharan I:282 mentioning these concepts:

"Know that there is a shepherd in every generation that is the aspect of Moshe who is the RE'AYA MEHEIMNA. This is the shepherd who makes the Mishkon (Note: See the end of LM I:70 where he mentions the Mishkon in connection with Rosh Chodesh Nisson, Rabbeinu's birthday). Know that the little children who learn Torah in school receive the breath of their mouth that contains no sin from this Mishkon. Therefore, when the little child begins to read and enters into the Torah, he begins with "VAYIKRA EL MOSHE" (Midrash Rabba Tzav Parsha 7), which is the little Alef (that is written at the end of the word Vayikra). For "Vayikra" speaks of when the establishment of the Mishkon was completed, for then Hashem Yisborach called Moshe and began speaking to him from the Mishkon. Therefore, it is from there (the beginning of Sefer Vayikra) that the little children begin learning from, for it is from there that they receive the breath of their mouth as mentioned above, and it is from there that they begin to read and enter into the Torah."

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