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Friday, February 17, 2012

This Weeks Parsha (Torah portion) - Mishpatim - Laws

Rabbainu revealed that the holy Torah can G-d forbid be used as tool for evil. Previously I published how Rabbainu explains from this weeks parsha the equality and even supremecy of women - on condition that they are hidden. As with all of Rabbainu's teachings we see them alive around us, and this week we were witness to the Western Wall allocating equal outdoor space to the women, albeit just for a few hours. In contrast, this week while doing hafatza I got stuck when a rabbi appeared and began giving a discourse, he tried to prove from this weeks portion that people should be spending all their time learning the Talmud, which would be a position that aggrandized himself over all those present who were never privileged, and probably won't ever be privileged to enjoy the luxury of delighting in the mental debates of the yeshivas of today. So it was Divine Providence that brought me there, and I clearly showed them that according to the Zohar and the True Tzadikim, like the Arizal and Ramchal, and even the Rambam, this was a very bad mistake, and in fact this was what the Zohar considers the enslavement of Egypt. The Torah we are supposed to be busy with, is the Torah that illuminates and shines the glory of God in our hearts and in the whole world, which today means the Torah of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman.

In this weeks Parsha we find a few times the distinction between a boy or girl before and after their coming of the age of responsibility to keep the mitzvos. The Bar Mitzva is one of the most celebrated time of life, the father thanks G0d for being relieved of the responsibility, as the son takes it on. True Judaism is very much about manning up and taking responsibility. Rabbis, parents, and figures of authority are not supposed to be taking away responsibility from their charges, rather their real function is to show them greater concepts and realizations of responsibility. This is what the Parsha starts with, H"Y telling Moshe to present the Torah to the Jews so clearly that they can understand and develop the concepts on their own. Today unfortunately most of the figures of authority are just busy building and protecting their own interests. Thank God for Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman, the true path of Torah freedom and autonomy.

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