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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Taking Rabbainu to his rightful place on the top

B"H this is something still in the developemental stages, some of my
friends are working on starting a Nanach political party in Israel. We
have amazing assets and in a very practical sense we feel that we have
a very good chance of winning at least one seat in the Kinesset (which
needs only 60,000 votes), and we aspire to 5 seats. Even if C"V we
lose, we still gain in many many ways (the campaign hafatza.....), and if we win....
Right now we need 70,000 shekel to register ($20,000), and then we'll
need money to run a campain (if we get 30,000 votes then we are
entitled to a huge amount of money from the State).

Three very strong assets we have are,
1. Gavriel Levi one of the 4 people who founded the party Aleh Yarok
in 1999, the party for the legalization of pot, has turned over a new
leaf, and will not look at any pot any more, he's completely Nanach,
and he is very experienced and connected from his share in the partial
success of Aleh Yarok. [although Aleh Yarok did not win a seat, they
did win a MILLION shekels that year from the government for their

2. Free lawyer to take care of the legal work.

3. complete hafatza machine in place, and more details which are still
in developement.

So if you didn't figure it out yet, we are very serious B"H, and with
elections coming up in 2 years, we want to get started right away to
properly build a powerful campaign. So the first step is to raise the
money we need to register.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join the party on Facebook:

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