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Friday, February 3, 2012

The start of Hitler demise begins with his trip to ... Uman!

[This is also related to this weeks parsha which ends with the war against amulaik]. A month before hitler was forced to begin retreating, he and bunch of people of his type had a meeting in Uman, and from there he started going down. There's a video about this on the youtube.

Our friend Dovi has provided us with the background information of the logistics of how this works.

See Psalms 37 which talks alot about Evil's downfall... How Evil has power then they will fall... And the סופי תיבות of צדיקים ירשו ארץ ( in psalm 37 the tzadikim inherit the land) is וכתותי מפניו צריו (I will smash his enemies before him) which is like what it's talking about in LM 8 - So it talks about this evil that is the aspect of esav and from him the wicked people receive there breathing source of power therefore their power is big and strong for some time like a storm and they succed against anyone like blowing on them not everyone can fight them only the perfect tzadik who has totally erased and nullified every single aspect of evil inside of him which come from the the 4 elements fire, wind,water and earth, which is a complex of good and evil and he has sorted through them only this tzadik can reach the vital pipes of the wicked ones and smash them to the ground...and aish ruach, mayim, afar, is the acronym of
משפיל רשעים עדי ארץ - (He smashes the wicked to the ground) so it shows the tzadik who is complete and erased and nullified all the evil inside him from all 4 foundations,can smash the evil to the ground , and צדיקים ירשו ארץ (psalms 37 tzadikim inherit the land) is (sofie tevote)of וכתותי מפניו צריו - i will smash his enemies before him

so rabbainu is the tzadik who can משפיל רשעים עדי ארץ
and hes the tzadik who צדיקים ירשו ארץ
so וכתותי מפניו צריו - sofie tevote of צדיקים ירשו ארץ

Rabbainu since he inherits the land ( צדיקים ירשו ארץ) when the evil come to uman וכתותי מפניו צריו( sofey tevote צדיקים ירשו ארץ - i will smash his enemies before him UMAN is the place from where Rabbi Nachman of Breslov works out to eliminate evil in the world as clearly explained in Breslov tradition. Thus destroying the swastika an aspect of the evil hold on the 4 elements.

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