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Sunday, February 19, 2012

The prayer of Tachanun

After the Shmone Esray one (who prays in a synagogue) is supposed to fall on his face and say Psalm 25, this is an act of going down into the husks and redeeming trapped sparks of holiness. Because of the danger involved most people abstain from doing this in completion, the Sfardim say the right Psalm but don't fall on their face, and the Ashkenazim fall on their face, but say a different Psalm (6, which is also much shorter). If I remember correctly Breslovers were accustomed to doing the whole thing properly, falling on their faces and saying the correct Psalm. As far as the danger concerned, a. Life can be dangerous. b. We rely on Rabbainu. C. Today we are always in the husks (that is why even the great Tanaaim didn't want to live in our times, even though they all passed ordeals and tests, but they didn't have to suffer the unholiness and sin we are all exposed to today), so anything that we do will only be beneficial, and on the contrary this is the best way to combat and bring rectification to our situation.

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