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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Books B"H

B"H just now the hard cover Story Tales, with extra special paper, just arrived in Meron, YS"L! In addition the Hebrew Stories, which adapted the cover of our English Story Tales, after seeing its beauty, have also arrived - B"H we're talking about thousands of holy books, at extremely low prices and even free.

B"H a new printing of LKM is being proofread, and there is a good chance that this week it will go to press with the Likutay Tefilos. Pray and say... Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

B"H right now we are in the middle of putting up which will be the center for the sales and distributions of the new publications of our Nanach friends.

Another good piece of good news, the major printing of tens of thousands of Sefer Hamidos which was promised at 1.8 shekel a book, and later the printer wanted more money, B"H H"Y led us to discover that the increase in price was due to the publisher having ordered more paper than was necessary and including it in the price (adding up to thousands maybe tens of thousands of shekel!), so B"H we got the price back down to the original promised 1.8! And the future holds greater promise B"H.

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