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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kill Amulaik! Long live Nanach!

This is mamash givald. Rabbi Nussun is explaining in Likutay Halachos that the klipa of Amulaik, which we are praying everyday now to be saved from, leads a person to believe that he is very far from achievement, even when the person is actually on the threshold of success, the klipa of Amulaik doesn't let the person realize this, and pushes the person into giving up and despair. A few years ago, I think it was after the wedding of NDK, may H"Y free him from his tzuros, our dear Nanach friend YA made his way to a freemason church, he had been drinking a little, and was in the spirit of keeping the mitza that is special to Purim, destroying amulaik. He took a rock and was set on smashing off the logo, when he tired, it looked like he had accomplished nothing, and he was on the verge of completely giving up C"V, and then he remembered that Rabbi Nussun says that this is exactly the work of Amulaik, and he knew for certain that he had already succeeded for the most part, and that amulaik was just bluffing and holding on by a thread. With this in mind, he strengthened himself and gave one final hit, and it came straight off, it had been in fact almost completely detached. There is a mini tv series that portrays this point, how this detective goes crazy, - which is what the evil inclination does to us (see Likutay Moharan Torah 1, that the evil inclination causes is us to be actually crazy, C"V) - and in the madness figures out who a terrorist is and how to prevent him by appealing to the terrorist's daughter to speak to him, the detective does this, but the daughter calls the police and the detective is pronounced crazy and goes for electric shock treatment believing that she is in fact crazy, and in the reality the daughter calls her father and actually prevents him from blowing up a room full of executive diplomats. When we go crazy with and from the evil inclination, every bit that we fight and hold on to the truth, brings huge exposure of the glory of God into the world, to everyone besides ourselves, who are temporarily blinded and incapacitated, our brains fried and sunk in the flooding of rhetoric and imagination pumped in by the evil inclination. But if we just hold out, we will see that we have in fact won, and the evil inclination is just hiding it from us. Unfortunately some people don't know about Nanach and they are convinced that they are in fact crazy, and they fall completely R"L, and end up mamash in the crazy house treated by the angels of death. The main thing of course is Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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