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Saturday, February 25, 2012

How I loved Breslov

Master of the World! Oy! How much I loved Breslov, I gave my soul (i.e. great self sacrifice) to travel from Tiberius to Jerusalem, at a time that I don't have money, I don't have bread for the children, I don't have clothing for the children (present tense). I traveled to Jerusalem, they are all poor, our people were poor, yes. Nu, buy poor people is it possible to eat? Is it possible to receive money? Even not so much, but they are poor. I suffered! If there isn't money, there isn't bread. I go to the store, he doesn't ask me if I am starving or not, that's not his business. You want bread? Money. I, I didn't have money, and also water, I didn't have. In Jerusalem there was a great shortage of water. Today? There are springs and there are... everything, but then? There was one spring, in all of Jerusalem. So there were two types of water; water for pouring over the hands, and water for drinking. The synagogue? They don't provide water for drinking, don't buy, for drinking they don't buy. They buy for cheap, water for pouring over the hands. I didn't have water to drink, not bread and not water. I, when I traveled to Jerusalem, they looked at me as crazy, “What? What, what are you doing? Where are you traveling? How do you travel? What will you do there? Will you have bread to eat?” I didn't look at this, I gave over my soul (that is self sacrifice), I need to hear from Rav Naftoli, from this (Breslover), from this (Breslover), from this (Breslover), from this (Breslover) any words, from this (Breslover) any words, to hear any words from Rabbainu. Every time there was, there was different causes, and different miracles about the trip. What? That there isn't money? How is it possible to travel? To Jerusalem, to Haifa, one needs money to pay for expenses and for bread there wasn't! But by the Blessed God everything is written. There is an account(ing). Yes. Everything is written! H”Y, He sees my heart, He sees that I travel with self sacrifice, to hear any words from Rabbainu. So on this Rabbainu writes to me, “my precious student”, but I was living and I suffered hunger, starvation, and also water I didn't have. A trip like this? This is unique in the world.

Translator's note: From this we can understand why saying the Petek [100 times or so] is propitious for speedy travel - because specifically due to Saba's travels he merited to the Petek.

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