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Saturday, February 11, 2012

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

The Bread for the Family.

There was a baker, that baked bread, yes. So he (Rav Muttel) went to him, they called him Mendel Wek, yes. Rav Muttel saw that I don't have bread to eat. He said, “he deserves bread. He needs to be without bread? I need to give him bread!” And that's what was, he went to the baker, from the hasidim of Slunim, this is his friend, and said to him, “give, on my tab, to Yisroel Ber, everyday a loaf of bread, on the first day of every month give me the bill, and I will pay you.” That what was. Afterwords he was concealed, concealed....

I sat (lived) in his courtyard, I had a small kitchen, I came to the owner of the kitchen, “how much do you want to rent to me the kitchen?” so he said to me a small amount. Good, I took it, but even the small amount I don't have. I said to him, “don't worry, I will pay you! Nu, what is with you?” He gave me the kitchen, and I found from the merchants a broken box, and I took it into the kitchen, and I had a box for a table, a box, yes. Boxes! I myself sat on the floor, I put rags on the floor, I sat on the floor and I said Likutay Tefilos, Psalms... Rav Muttel saw my apartment, the kitchen, and how I am busy with Likutay Tefilos, Breslov! And he sees that I don't have bread to eat and the wife is in Safed by her parents, and I am happy? What is this? He asked, what type of life is this? What is this? So he didn't understand this, what this is. What? From where to I get this? In any event, H”Y had mercy on my, and his neighbor, that lived next to Rav Muttel, moved to a different apartment, so he knew that I didn't have an apartment, and I don't have (my) wife, and I don't have anything. So he rented the apartment from the owner of the kitchen. He was... the owner of the kitchen was the landlord of the whole courtyard of Rav Muttel. So he rented the apartment for me, and said to me, “come to me, write to your wife that she should come” and he told me that he rented the apartment for me. I said to him, “good, there is an apartment, walls! But there isn't a table, I don't have a chair, I don't have anything, and what? How can I write to her that she should come?” So he hit me and said to me, “this is not your business. I will give you furniture, an apartment with furniture, you will have chairs, and you will have a table and bed, write to her that she should come!” And that's what happened.

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