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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

I should not have remained silent

[Saba sings “Kul mikadaish shevey-ee” (a song sung on Friday night) with a special tune...] Apparently they forgot to bless the candles of Shabbos... he said to me, no, do not fear at all, there is still an hour and a half, two hours, to Shabbos! Do not fear there is still two hours, there is an hour and a half till Shabbos. (The liver is good?) Oh! Oh! Liver like this there isn't in the whole world! Where are my feet?... He came from Yafo, the guest came from Yafo, and he brought me such chulent! For years he brought me such chulent that there like it in the world! He found me on Shabbos in the morning after the prayers, he came with chulent... [my father-in-law sent] arabs to kill him (Rabbi Yisroel Karduner)... he always went in the fields for hisbodidus, he (the father-in-law) told him (R' Yisroel) that he will kill him. I saw his demise, of my father-in-law, he didn't have any issues just Breslov, he was a great adversary against Breslov! Because he was by the Rav Rafuel Dayan in Safed, he was a great adversary against Breslov, so/then everyone suffered a lot from this. This, I saw this, there remained

small orphans and they worked for free by the wealthy, for free, he, and also he, in the week that he degraded him (Rabbi Yisroel) he died. He became sick on Thursday and on Friday night, in the morning, on Shabbos, he passed away. He left ten orphans, you don't know about this? (Yes, you told me this, also one time someone wanted to kill Rabbi Yisroel Karduner) yes, yes, yes. He degraded Rabbi Yisroel Karduner very much, nu he was a great adversary of (i.e. belonging to) Refuel Dayan, of the wicked! He was the rabbi of Safed, but a wicked person! He was a great opposer to Rabbainu, Refuel Dayan. With my eyes I saw what one suffers when one does bad to the Tzadik, when one degrades or causes slight pain to the tzadik... it is, may the Merciful One save us, worse than all the transgressions, from all... from everything! Small orphans, small children, but this damaged the whole building, all the houses, may the Merciful One save us, curses, he passed away, there is nothing worse than opposition against the tzadik, may the Merciful One save us, one suffers from this in this world, in the next world, always! Ah, his wife became a widow, a widow with children, big and small, orphans, yes. He suffered... on Wednesday or Thursday... he ripped out (the father-in-law ripped out from R' Yisroel) his beard, and on Friday night he became sick and he passed away on Shabbos, on the holy Shabbos in the morning he passed away. How much a person.... He died and left over ten orphans, they worked for free by the wealthy, for free... I should not have been silent, this no... this would bring upon me great hardships! (You should have quarreled with your father-in-law?) Yes! (for what he degraded Rabbi Yisroel Karduner) Yes, yes, yes, it was incumbent for me to quarrel. There was the Rav in Safed, the Rav suffered tremendous hardships from what he pained Rabbi Yisroel. He was a great opposer, and he pained Rabbi Yisroel very much. It was incumbent on me to quarrel and to get divorced. I didn't do that, for this I suffer a lot... the honor of the tzadik, H”Y is fastidious about this more than everything! (Why was it incumbent on you to get divorced?) I thought perhaps he would repent, or.... (But why is his daughter guilty? His daughter, his daughter – she isn't guilty... his daughter what is she guilty of?). Not guilty, but the entire family suffered, the children and the whole family suffered greatly from this... on Shabbos he passed away. On Thursday he said that he doesn't feel well, and on Friday, on Friday night, in the morning, he died. Did I tell this over to you? Do you know about this? (Yes) The honor of the tzadik, H”Y is fastidious, even for the unintentional! He didn't know that this was of such magnitude, but he.... They suffered, all the children, the entire family suffered from this.... Oy! Oy! Oy! Oy! What I saw with my eyes! What degrading the honor of the tzadik is! H”Y pays immediately! He pays well! Small children suffered from this, the whole family, his children. So/then he passed away, on Shabbos in the morning he passed away. Even though I, on the contrary, I suffered from this, even still regarding the honor of the tzadik H”Y is very very fastidious! Rav Refuel Dayan, he was close to Rav Refuel Dayan and he became an opposer, and he suffered, him and his children, and the orphans.... What they suffered, who can fathom? Small children suffered immeasurably from his (their) father for that which he degraded R' Yisroel.... Ah! Ah.... It is possible that all the suffering of the Jews in the time of Hitler, this was due to, because of this. Who knows? (Because he degraded Rav Yisroel Karduner?) Yes {translators note: The Ishbitzer in his book May HaSheloach says that before Avrohom actually chased after the four kings he had a thought, not to pursue them, from this thought were born the 2,400,000 souls that H”Y killed during the plague of darkness, because they didn't want to be redeemed. From here one can understand that by causing pain to a true tzadik, even for a the time span of a thought, can have serious repercussions even to millions of people}. I became affiliated, before the (my) wedding, to Rabbainu Hakadosh, and he (the father-in-law) was affiliated to Rafuel Dayan, and he said that he would kill R' Yisroel if I didn't leave his daughter.... Ah! He fell sick on Thursday, and on Friday night... on the morning of Shabbos he passed away and left orphans, ten small orphans. He degraded R' Yisroel... he, H”Y... this is more than all the transgressions that are in the Torah, the honor of tzadik! On Thursday he said that he feels unwell, and in the night... he passed away, in the morning on Shabbos he passed away, and there were left orphans, ten orphans....

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