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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

Story of the Father-in-law of R' Yisroel Ber

My father-in-law was R' Pinchas the Kohen, yes! Certainly! Yes! He wanted to take two arabs. And he, Rabbi Yisroel Karduner, when he goes to Meron, the arabs will find him on the way, they will kill him, and no one will know about it, yes. I am not just saying things, yes. So once, when Rabbi Yisroel entered a certain house, and he was there, and he was sitting on a heavy iron chair, and he was powerful, and he got up from the chair, and when Rabbi Yisroel entered the house, he (the father-in-law) took the chair, and he wanted to put the chair on the head of Rabbi Yisroel, yes. So/then there was a miracle that the master of the house managed to grab the chair and he didn't put it on the head, but he grabbed him (Rabbi Yisroel) by the beard, and he didn't want to let go of the beard, and he ripped out half of his beard, and there was great pain, and then he got sick and he didn't feel well, and that same week he died, and he left ten orphans.... (You said told me once that you made a handshake agreement, and he threw you out of the window to the dogs?) yes. He locked the house, tonight I do not go to Rabbi Yisroel, on the night of Shabbos? Nu, I have a handshake pact with Rabbi Yisroel that ever day and every night it is necessary to see one another, so how will we see each other? What will be? Half way through the night, he didn't know, at the middle of the night? He thought that Rabbi Yisroel was already sleeping and I need to sleep, so he gave me the key to the house, and allowed me to leave, yes. But he guarded me and he saw immediately that I run away, so he understood that I am fleeing to Rabbi Yisroel, he ran away after me, chased me, and I saw Rabbi Yisroel, we saw each other, and I returned, and then he came and beat me and threw me to the dogs, yes. What was! Yes. Who ever heard of something like this?! Who ever saw such a thing?! Him and his wife, and they beat my wife, murderous blows so that she gets divorced. “You don't know what Breslov is? Divorce!” And she said, “No. This? No.” My father-in-law would beat Rabbi Yisroel and ripped out his beard, yes! “What is this? What do you want from my son-in-law? What is this? That he should be Breslov? What? I will not stop, I have arabs that will kill you on the way, in the time that you go to Meron they will kill you on the way! They will come to Rabbi Yisroel from Kardun, they will kill you! Leave my son-in-law! Leave him!”

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