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Monday, February 20, 2012

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

R' Isaac Klebsky:

[R' Isaac Klebsky lay in the same hospital, next to R' Moshe Klears] R' Isaac Klebsky said: “a novelty like Rabbi Nachman never was in world!” He [R' Moshe Klears] said to him, “What are you saying?” [R' Isaac Klebsky replied] “I know what I'm saying! I had great miracle, bullets that they fired, bullets, the arabs with weapons, yes, and it passed through me here, this way, the bullet fell in the side (or sidelocks) and I remained... nothing happened, nothing, I was very hidden. The gentiles did such harsh tormenting, and they beat with stones, they beat here with knives, and here, the whole body, but the bullet entered here... one very young person, and he became sick, and sick until he died until he passed away.” (Just he dissented, or there were other people that dissented Rabbainu?). There were two, the Rav Klears and another, his student (the Rav Klears and who else spoke?) one that I don't know, he came to his house, he stood and gave an harangue, he spoke on Rabbainu and R' Nussun, on R' Nussun.... There was a Jewish man that way, not old and not young, I said to him, “it is impossible in these generations... he is such a wonder, without this life isn't life, not anything. What is this?” I said that to him, the words of Likutay Tefilos, I gave it to him afterwards. He said to me, “you gave life to my soul.” He wrote, “I didn't know that we had such a treasury, Likutay Tefilos!” He came on every night to the synagogue with Likutay Tefilos to pray, and said Likutay Tefilos, and he didn't know what to do with me, I gave him such a gift, Likutay Tefilos, now all of them, all Tel Aviv died, passed away. I remained just alone. All the friends and the sodality, and all everyone are no longer, as if it had not been in the world. Just I alone remain. I begin to think, where is everyone, they are all in the ground, just I, I alone remained with the Likutay Tefilos...

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