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Sunday, February 19, 2012

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

If one speaks (badly) about the tzadik he pays back!

If one speaks against the tzadik he pays back, oy! Terrifying and dreadful! He spoke, R' Moshe Klears, with a manner of haughtiness about Rabbainu and about Rabbi Nussun, on that very day, it was a Thursday, and on that very day they arrived in Safed. And in all the villages, and all the gentiles, they came and worked, and he came on Thursday, and in the house his son arrived, he was married and he was a tough and strong person, and he quarreled with the gentiles, and the gentiles were angry so they cut him up alive into pieces! So they heard screaming over there, I know, into the distance. Then I saw how the blessed G-d has rancor if there is talk on the tzadik. Because this is more than everything, from the whole Torah, he spoke slander on Rabbainu and on Rabbi Nussun, the student of Rabbainu, nu, nu, what happened to them! The blessed G-d can pay up well! He payed them, when they went to the funeral, there went pieces from the body, feet, and hands, and the limbs, pieces, pieces. His son got married and the gentiles cut him up into pieces. After this they didn't recognize him, because many gentiles came, and they were forced to wait in order to make the funeral. Nu, nu, and after this he contracted diabetes, and he got ill and was in the hospital together with R' Isaac Klebsky in the hospital. Moshe Walch, he was the genius of the generation, a genius of the whole world. He was a great genius – R' Isaac Klebsky. R' Moshe Klears... (whoever disputes the Petek it's as if he disputes Rabbainu?) This I do not know. He went with great haughtiness sky high, and he went with the whole congregation, and he slandered Rabbainu and his student Rabbi Nussun, he also slandered, and said his name this and this (?), nu, on that day, Thursday, he went, he traveled by taxi to Safed, at the time when all the gentiles, all the arabs, came to Safed, and to immerse near Safed, and he came, and he had one war, he was powerful, yes, so they ripped him to pieces. He came from Tiberias to Safed, he came at the time that all the arabs came from all the villages, Jews came to seal Safed (?), and he was powerful, and he fought with them, and they – there were many, they cut him up into pieces, his screaming could be heard till Jerusalem....

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