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Saturday, February 18, 2012

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

The Rav Muttel of Slunim and the Rav Moshe Klears

Rabbi Moshe Klears (he was the Rav of Tiberius) he was world renown, he had a global reputation in Tiberius and in Jerusalem, and everyone venerated him, and he had a name that he was a genius so wise and intelligent and understanding, and righteous, a man who was a tzadik. He had all the titles, that he is so big, and I knew about this. I was born in Tiberius and he was the Rav in Tiberius. I heard about this and I knew of this, and I became Breslov, I drew close to Rabbi Yisroel, so I had miracles. If Rabbi Moshe Klears says not to be Breslov, then it is finished, I needed to listen to him, and thank G-d I did not listen to him! Father says not to be Breslov, “what? Are you crazy? What is this? How? Such a thing?” and R' Muttel was also a Torah great, and was famous like the Rav Klears. The Rav Klears was famous in Jerusalem, everyone venerated him and stood up before him like a king, yes. This is a known matter, known and publicized, and he hunted me on account of my being Breslov, and I was heroic facing Rabbi Moshe Klears and facing Rabbi Muttel of Slunim. Rabbi Muttel was also a genius Torah great, but the aptitude of Rabbi Muttel was greater than the Rav Klear's, because he toiled very much until he came to his stature, and Rabbi Muttel didn't have to exert himself, he just had to see something one time, anything, in the Talmud or Medrash, and he acquired it forever, straight up. And the Rav Klears, his grasp wasn't that strong as Rav Muttel, and knew of this as well, but he had a famous name in Jerusalem and in the whole world. And I stood up against him and against all of them. I drew close to Rabbi Yisroel. And he pursued me and he spoke with me. This is wondrous matter, I was a poor child, and Rav Muttel was a great intellectual, but he was also someone who loved mitzvos (good deeds) like simple folk, not like the Rav Klears, the mitzvos were trivial for him, just genius, wisdom. But Rav Muttel had both, he had love for the mitzva as well.

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