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Friday, February 17, 2012

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

A Large Thick Snake:

I went there in the desert there was a big pit and there was a large, very thick snake, I said, “maybe it's a rope, is it not? Such a big snake?” I descended into the pit and there was a snake, there was a snake, thank G-d I got out of there and I was saved! And that was it, I went from there and the snake... I don't know, but I think, it was so thick... he died like the snake. The wife of Avrohom Luria she requested of him, “oy Avrohom! Do as Yisroel Ber tells you!” So he said to her, “I will learn from these 3 books every day!” He became healthy. Afterwards his brother came, Mordichai Luria, and he saw three Breslov books in the bookcase, so he took them and he died, he passed away. And his brother Mordichai Luria cried his whole life over this, “what did I do?!” I went to him and wanted to do him a favor so that he should live, and he received from me the three books and learned every day from the three books, and he said to me, “I learn from the three books, I learn every day,” and he became healthy, and suddenly his brother Mordichai Luria came and saw the three books of Breslov, “what? He has become Breslov? I will show him, I will take the books!” he took the books, and he died, he didn't have the books to learn so he passed away....

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