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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

Rav Aaron Luria said to you, tonight I am dead!

(R' Aaron Luria said to you, tonight I am dead?) Yeah, yeah, I said to him, “are you crazy?” so he said to me, “I tell you, that tonight I am dead!” and that's what happened, he was scared of the Angel of Death, ho! Ho!... Once, he was sick, I went to visit him, so I said to him, “Aaron? If you have G-d forbid any defect, any adversary on Rabbainu, get rid of it!” and his wife knew and she heard. His wife said to him, “do what Yisroel Ber says! And do not be an opposer to Breslov any more!” Mordechai Luria? He was the brother of Aaron Luria, and he came to visit his brother. He had another brother, another brother, Avrohom Luria. He had a sick heart. I went to visit him, and I took with me three books, and I said to him, “if you engage in these three books, then the malady will go away, and you will live many years! Many years!” he said to me, “good! I, every day I will learn in the three books, good, good!” and he was alive and well, alive and well and healthy, (which three books?) Likutay Tefilos, the letters (letters of Rabbi Nussun?) the letters, and another book. I, so I will give, I gave the three books that he should engage in them. So he will live long and will be healthy! So he saw what they were these books, “I will do like you say, I will be very careful to learn every day in the three books.” He was a Slunim hasid, his father was from Russia, he was a chasid. In short, afterwords, and his brother came, Mordichai Luria, and he saw the three books (of) Breslov in his house, in the closet (or bookcase). So he said, “what is this? He became Breslov? I will take the books!” he took the books, and he (Avrohom) lived for one day and passed away! He had a heart attack and passed away! The whole family and the whole city knows this matter. (who took the books?) Mordichai! And he cried every day, “what did I do!? What did I do!?” he took the books! He didn't have the book? He passed away....

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