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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

Rav Aaron Luria learned the books of Breslov, and did not withstand the test of not having a livelihood as did R' Yisroel Ber.

Rav Aaron Luria! He was famous for his prestigious lineage and was an intellectual. I was his neighbor in Yeshiva, and he saw what I underwent. He was jealous of me, so he took from me the book Likutay Moharan and went to his room in the yeshiva and he learned Likutay Moharan. So there was a great commotion in the yeshiva, “Aaron Luria is learning Likutay Moharan!” and they said to him, “what are you doing?!” so he said to them, with great bravery, “I want to learn just the books of Breslov, no matter what will be.” so they told this to the Rav Moshe Klears. After this they said to him, “you want to be here, to learn the books of Breslov? You can be here, just know that you will receive a stipend like Yisroel Ber. Do you know how much Yisroel Ber receives? Ask him how much he receives, two liras a month! You will receive two liras a month, like Yisroel Ber” so he said to me, “how is it possible? How is it possible to exist like that? Even when I receive twenty liras a month it is not sufficient for me, what will I do with two and a half liras? So it is impossible!” he said to me, every time he saw me, “ I am jealous of you, yes. I was not able to withstand such a test!” and I had two liras a month and I danced the whole night, and I travelled to Meron and to Jerusalem, and I lived a good life!

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