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Sunday, February 12, 2012

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

The Carpenter that Drew Close to Rabbainu.

In Tiberius there was a carpenter, an excellent carpenter, a good carpenter. I didn't know him, I didn't now that he was Breslov. He came close to our holy master, and I didn't know. He heard that I am under duress, so he was drawing close to me, and he was strong, strong and wise... yes. So I thought that he is mocking, that he from scoffing, he likes me to mock me, by him hasidus is worthless... and I didn't know, he told me, “I am Breslov, I saw a couple from Russia, that came from Russia, and they got up at midnight and they said (the rectification of) midnight! And they drew me close to Breslov.” So Rav Muttel brought this carpenter, and he had in storage some broken chairs, and he was a big specialist in carpentry, and he made furniture. There was news in Tiberius, I had chairs and a table! Rav Muttel had two daughters, one was Shluma and one was Feiga, and they saw that Rav Muttel reveled with me, even though I was simple, but he loved me, he himself didn't know what this was, why does he love me? So Shluma was the younger, and Feiga was older, in short, they came, the girls, and I brought my wife. She didn't have clothes for Shabbos, she didn't have a dress, so the daughters told him, “you brought the wife? She doesn't have shoes and she doesn't have a dress, she doesn't have anything, it is necessary to arrange for her, to make for her. The wife has come without clothing? Without shoes?” So he it became known to him, the daughters told him, that she doesn't have anything, so he said to me, “go in Tiberius, In Tiberius there was the meuchtar of the city, named Yakov, he was an expert shoemaker, like Mordechai was at carpentry, he was an expert for shoes, and people waited in line. He didn't receive from everyone, he was strong, he worked, the shoe was strong and nice. So he (Rav Muttel) sent me to Yakov, he's the most expert shoemaker in Tiberius, he (Yakov) doesn't take a lot of money, so he (Rav Muttel) sent me to him (Yakov). Nu, then there weren't store, and it wasn't available, and since one needed shoes it was necessary to wait in line, to get measured and to make according to the measurement, it was necessary to wait two, three weeks in line. So I came to him and I said to him, “Rav Muttel said that you should give me a pair of shoes, the size is such and such.” My wife told me her size, so he said, “I have her size, this size is available, you don't need to wait.” So he gave me the shoes, and they were nice and very good, according to her size. So she already had shoes. Afterwords there was new furniture...

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