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Saturday, February 11, 2012

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

The songs of Shabbos.

He (Rav Muttel Slunimer) heard my “Shalom Aleichem” (song greating the angels at the Shabbos table Friday night). Then it wasn't like today, I was at the beginning of my drawing close, and my “Eishes Chayil” (woman of valor – from the end of Proverbs, sung after Shalom Aleichem)? “Azamer Bishvochem” (sung after Aishes Chayil, a Kabalistic poem written by the Arizal)? So he was completely abnegated! So he said to me, “what is this? I am an intellectual? And I don't know what Shabbos is! This Shabbos of mine is nothing! Yisroel Ber! Yisroel Ber! Yisroel Ber! And also the daughters, they revered Rav Muttel their father, and they knew that he was a great intellectual, with a great mind, and what am I? What, what worth did I have next to him? But he said to them, “I am embarrassed from Yisroel Ber, I see his Shabbos, how he is happy! And he has guests for Shabbos, I don't know how he is alive?” His daughters, they heard my Shabboses, the songs and the happiness, and they saw that I don't have anything, that Rav Muttel gave me chairs, yes. Rav Muttel was the greatest opposer, because his hasidic master of Slunim was a great opposer, but even still he loved me. So his daughters they asked him, “what is this? Why does Breslov not find favor in your eyes? We see that he serves Hashem like this, he is always happy!” He was confused, I made him heart problems. He was a great opposer, and I showed him, “you oppose? Good! So listen to the “Eishes Chayil” of Breslov!” he was left without hands, without feet, he was abnegated! Yes. He was Heaven fearing, he was so sunken it terrible opposition, and he? And I was nothing compared to him! A gnat, nothing what-so-ever! And he had heart illness, he couldn't find a place, he sees with his eyes my Shabbos, and his Shabbos, and how? How is it possible to oppose? Yes. He had troubles, I made him heart problems. In any event, the second Shabbos my already had, Thank God, shoes. His daughters, of Rav Muttel, they came and they said to him, “she doesn't have a dress for Shabbos, it is necessary to make her a dress!” So Rav Muttel sent me to a certain merchant, that he sells leftovers, leftovers this is pieces, and he was a merchant, he would select large cuts so that there should be a dress. So he (Rav Muttel) sent me to him, and he gave me merchandise which was sufficient for a dress, and she was practiced in sewing, and she sewed, and she had a dress for Shabbos. And it was an awesome show! His daughters they heard his opposition, and they hear my “Eishes Chayil”. So they made him trouble, to Rav Muttel, “How, how, how does one oppose such a Jew?! That he says 'eishes chayil' like this! Is it possible to be an opposer?” yes, I made them, Tiberius and the hasidim of Slunim, heart problems. They were the greatest opposers, and I made them such difficulties, but not for nothing, not for nothing. They were in the yeshiva “Rabbi Meir Baal Hanais” and they had a better reputation than all the yeshivas of Jerusalem. And they gave me two liras a month instead of ten, 12, 15. They gave me two liras! So they said that they are giving just out of mercy, “he has small children. Nu, he needs bread, but he isn't a ben Yeshiva, he doesn't learn Talmud, he learns Likutay Moharan! Likutay Tefilos! Psalms! This is Yeshiva? This is a ben Yeshiva?” But Likutay Moharan, and the Likutay Tefilos, and Psalms, this made from them great hardship.

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